Welcome to Autumn!
The Smith Clinic for Physical Therapy
Welcome Back Fitness Members!!
During Covid 19, we made the hard decision to close the gym to our fitness members. Well, we missed you too much to stay closed for much longer! In order to maintain social distance and keep our members safe, we have decided to open the gym on Saturday mornings from 8-12. Masks are required. You are free to come workout on your own or with our personal trainer, Sarah. We are so excited to have each of you back in the clinic.
*$15/month per person*
Welcome to the Smith Clinic!

We are so excited to welcome Sarah Blackmore to the Smith Clinic Family. She will be offering personal training to our fitness members in person and virtually. Many of you have been asking when the Fitness Program will kickoff. Although we cannot fully launch the Fitness Program, we are now offering one on one personal training sessions with Sarah!

A little about Sarah:
-She graduated from Mississippi State University in 2016 with her undergrad in Exercise Science. Following undergrad, Sarah graduated with her Masters in Exercise Science from the University of Memphis. She also has a license through ACSM.
-Sarah loves basketball and is an avid fan.
-She volunteers for the GrizzFit Program.
-She has a love for reading psychology and science fiction books.
Personal Training Prices
In Person
One Time Session
30 Minutes: $25
45 Minutes: $35
60 Minutes: $50

Four Sessions:
30 Minutes: $75
45 Minutes: $100
60 Minutes: $150

Eight Sessions:
30 Minutes: $150
45 Minutes: $180
60 Minutes: $275
One Time Session
30 Minutes: $15
45 Minutes: $25
60 Minutes: $40

Four Sessions:
30 Minutes: $65
45 Minutes: $90
60 Minutes: $140

Eight Sessions:
30 Minutes: $140
45 Minutes: $170
60 Minutes: $265

Why Do You Love Fitness?
Sarah Blackmore
As humans, moving is in our DNA. We use movement as a means of travel, locomotion, and exercise. COVID0-19 has shown us that we may take our ability to move around for granted. This is why I love fitness. To be able to challenge myself physically and improve my overall health through exercise is a privilege I don't want to forget. Now, why do you love fitness? To improve health, maintain strength, or become strong? Whatever your reason may be, let The Smith Clinic be a place to help you with your fitness journey! Sign up today for a free consultation and lets get back to moving.
To schedule your personal training sessions email smithclinic.sarahblackmore@gmail.com
National Physical Therapy Month
"As the weather cools in the fall, it’s tempting to be less physically active. October is the perfect time to focus on healthy self-care because we’re celebrating National Physical Therapy Month! Surprise — physical therapy is not just for injury recovery. Its benefits also include injury and illness prevention.
Prestigious medical institutions also recognize the power of physical therapy in treating mental and emotional disorders. Let’s make this month all about taking care of ourselves."
Dessert Recipes for The Whole Life Challenge
Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries
Mix yogurt with a drizzle of pure vanilla extract, and spread it out on a sheet pan. Then decorate it with a bunch of berries and your favorite nuts. Put it in the freezer until it has hardened.
Get Creative!
Candied Pecans
Heat a large frying pan or skillet pan on medium heat. When hot add 1 cup of coconut sugar, 1/4 cup of water, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, 1/8 tsp sea salt and optional cinnamon and mix until fully combined. Allow to heat up, stirring occasionally.
When the mixture has completely melted, add 3 cups of the raw, unsalted pecans. Watch over the pan and continue stirring often until most pecans have been coated.
Remove pan from the heat and allow to sit for 1-2 minutes, before using a wooden spoon to stir almonds together to avoid immediate, overlarge clusters forming. Allow to cool completely before breaking up properly.
He's in the Waiting

There are often times in our lives that we find ourselves in a time of waiting. This season of life can look different for everyone. Some might be waiting to hear from a doctor, heal from an injury, begin a relationship, start a business, hear from a family member, find their dream job, see COVID restrictions lifted, or to see a seed of hope come from a hopeless situation. There are so many ways in which God asks us to wait throughout life, often making us wonder why it feels like He has forsaken us. I recently came across this blog post and thought it was filled with encouragement for those who find themselves in the waiting. The verses it offers bring comfort and hope for hearts that may feel discouraged. The Lord is in the waiting. He does not withhold good things from those who walk uprightly. During this season, we remind ourselves to press further into the heart of God, instead of growing distant or callous. Often by waiting and engaging in prayer, our desires are shaped to look more like Christ; our character is matured and our dependence on Christ is strengthened. We must remember to place our ultimate trust in what does not change, the promises of Christ. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, making Him the safest place to anchor our unwavering confidence. The promises of The Lord assure us and give us hope to hold onto even when we feel like we are missing out on our deepest desires. Christ is not slow to fulfill His promises, He is right on time and unrelenting. If you open your heart to Him, He will reveal more of Himself to you and give you a deeper love for His character. Take a second to read through some of the promises the Bible offers us in the waiting and be encouraged by the faithful kindness of our Father. 
Breast Cancer Awareness
During the month of October, we celebrate and remember those who have fought breast cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as they navigate life with this disease. Each of these women have an unmatched strength and determination to fight for their lives, which makes our adoration increase abudantly.
October Celebrations
October 4th- Kelsey's Birthday