Hello Fall! A time of year where we get back to routines, enjoy the bounty from our balconies, gardens and local farms, and celebrate various holidays and events. October is a particularly festive month with Thanksgiving, Waste Reduction Week and Halloween.
However and whatever you celebrate we have tips and tricks to help you reduce, reuse and recycle more. Enjoy!
Once the spooky spell is over, your jack o'lantern can live on - as compost!
Get rid of your gourd by removing candles and any other decorations, and put it on top your green bin,
OR beside your yard waste OR chop it up and put it into your backyard composter.
If you dare, check out our other Halloween tips, too!
How to dispose of yard waste once curbside collection ends
The last weeks of 2021 yard waste collection are coming:
  • November 22 to 26 for residents in Cambridge and Waterloo, and
  • November 29 to December 3 for residents in Kitchener and the Townships.
Go to our webpage for details on how to deal with all the leaves, and other yard waste
Get hAPPy!
Our Waste Whiz app is easy to use and free to download. Its features help you sort and set out your waste items:
  • Set reminders so you set out items on the correct week
  • Use the search box to find out how to prepare and dispose of an item
And the app has lots of other features. Download it today.
6 top tricky items - How to prepare and dispose of them
such as knives, razor blades, broken glass.
For small items, place in a cardboard box or wrap in layers of newspaper. Place in the middle of your garbage bag. If the item larger, such as a broken mirror, place in a large cardboard box, label it, and set it beside your garbage. This will help prevent injury to our hard working collectors.
such as sauces, condiments, cooking oils, pickle brine, water from cans of beans or peas
Since only one cup of liquid is allowed in a green bin, use these tips to prevent a soggy green bin.
Including meat trays, packing blocks and peanuts, plates and cups.
Put in the garbage. These items are not accepted in our Blue Box program.
Treated wood
Includes any wood product (furniture, boards, railway ties) that has been preserved using chemicals, including paint. This type of wood is not accepted in our Yard Waste program. Remove nails and bundle it so it can be picked up as a bulky item.
All wipes go in the garbage. This includes disinfecting wipes and baby wipes. These items are not compostable, recyclable or flushable.
Artificial Christmas trees
If it's still in good condition, donate it. If it's not reusable, do not disassemble, and set it out beside your garbage. It will count as a bulky item.
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Did you know... 7 a.m. set-out is not a suggestion
Our collection crews start at 7 a.m. so all of your items need to be placed out at that time on your collection day.
Different trucks pick up different materials at different times depending on weather, road conditions, and other factors. Times change week to week, and routes change without notice.
So don't snooze! Set out by 7 a.m.
Over the next three months
October 11 - Thanksgiving:
No changes to collection, the Region's waste drop-off sites are closed to residents, and double garbage days are in effect.
October 18 to 24 - Celebrate Waste Reduction Week!
November 7 - Clocks go back one hour which is a reminder to change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Please drop off your batteries for recycling.
November 11 - Remembrance Day: No changes to collection, and our drop-off sites are closed to residents.
Holiday collection
Quick links - Prepare for the holidays and winter