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Cultural Center of Cape Cod
The Great Room
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We have not increased dues for many years and need to meet current budget requirements.
Therefore, please mail in your financial support so we may continue to provide the art related opportunities we all enjoy!

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Happy Painting! Joan

"Wondering" - Pastel - 12 x 18"
by Betsy Payne Cook

Encouraging thoughts by Betsy . . .
All national juried exhibits use digital entry formats so it is important to take good quality digital images and to know what your painting looks like when viewed on a computer screen.
Depending on the exhibit the juror can be sifting through hundreds of images and you want yours to stand out as they scroll through. Imagine the daunting task of omitting paintings to reach the exhibit's limit of accepted entries knowing you have to decline some really wonderful paintings.
That's the key thing to remember. If your paintings isn't accepted it may not be because it wasn't a good painting.
This is your opportunity to assess your work but not at the expense of your worth as an artist. 
~ Thank you Betsy for your most wise and encouraging words!
     YAG – General Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2020

Board Member, Gerry Murray, called the meeting of the Yarmouth Art Guild to order in the Great Room of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod at 10:05 am, welcoming all members, guests, and the Demo Artist, Neil Collins. 

By motion, the Minutes of March 4, 2020, were unanimously approved.

Next month, Wed., Oct. 7th is our Annual Meeting when our slate of Officers are elected for the new year. Voting can be done in person or electronically, according to our ByLaws.

For the term of Oct. 7, 2020 thru Oct. 6, 2021the slate was announced as follows for the Board of Directors Executive Board: President, Joan Johnson; 1st VP, Pam DeYoung; Recording Secretary Jan Darcy; Membership Secretary, Cis Poremba; Corresponding Secretary, Mary Kay Ebersold and Treasurer Gerry Murray.

The remaining Board Members are Appointed Members: Leslie Altman, Demo Artist (with guidance from Michael Helfen), Cis Poremba continuing with the Showcase Member position, Joan Swaluk as Web Administrator, Gail Burke as Historian, Jan Darcy as Sales Coordinator and Joan Shostak as Community Liaison.

Members were encouraged to review the website for all upcoming events and activities including:
·     New feature: “On-Line” Painting Sales – Design format being completed. Report forthcoming soon. Still time to register. Open to all paid YAG members.
·       “On-line” Sales on the YAG website. We met with designer and we are working on the format & set up. Be sure to pay membership dues and the $35 registration asap.
·        APRIL STUDENT CLASSES – plans moving forward, we hope?
·        FINANCE – Gerry to speak briefly
·     DUES – Once again . . . Urgent if you have not done so, please do asap.
·     VOLUNTEERS still needed for PR and other areas; please email Joan Johnson.
·        Check website.
FINANCE: Gerry informed the membership that our checking account balance was roughly $4,000. 
The Demo Artist for the next General Meeting will be Jonathan Earle whose medium is oils. 
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:10.

Respectfully submitted, 
Jan Darcy, Recording Secretary,
March 4, 2020
Date of Constant Contact: Sept. 29, 2020