2019 Statistics
Men Employed -297
Taxes Paid - $215,795.83
Child Support Paid - $55,310.76

Men Housed - 59
Men Employed - 48
Graduates for the Quarter - 34
Baptisms for the Quarter - 3
Letter from the Director - Gary Kenney
Thank you for taking the time to read and hear about the great and wonderful things that take place every day at our Safe Harbor Facilities. As the Director of the Erin facility, I consider it a great privilege and honor to serve the communities we service. I realize that God has given us the opportunity to know the great fathers and sons that come here to be reunited with their families after a challenge that life has dealt to them. 

The staff here at this facility are committed to the recovery of each client, and the families that are quietly in the background supporting them. I am excited to be working with such a passionate, caring team.

Congratulations to our new Assistant Director, Matthew Ellis, who will add to the great facility climate and service to the clients during the evening hours. Also to our new Reliable Coordinator, Jeffrey Roberson, who will continue to insure that our clients get employment opportunities. 

The Denver Story

Everyday at Erin in the life the men we serve, many end in stories that inspire for a lifetime. Like Denver Martin; a client who's time here was to end in him returning to finish his term in jail. After his successful completion of all program requirements, consistent progress reports from our admission office, a letter from the Director and Director of Operations, the court resolved to release this client from the program to the freedom of his family. 

As we go into the fall and holiday season, we are preparing to make sure that our clients experience the fun and excitement these times. Please feel free to contact us for any volunteer services, food, or clothing contributions that may help enhance the services we will provide to our clients during the coming seasons.

Many Blessings to you all,

Gary Kenney
Safe Harbor Erin

Fly on Fighter - Pastor Scott Russell
It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague Pastor Scott Russell.

Safe Harbor of Erin will forever be impacted by Pastor Scott and his love for our program. While he was battling cancer, he still made it a priority to come to Safe Harbor to hold church services and check on all of us. When COVID impacted visitors coming to our campus he continued to check on the staff & clients. He was truly a man with a Servants Heart. Please be in prayer for his family, his church members, friends, and everyone he impacted. He has won his fight with cancer, and is healed forevermore.

#FlyOnFighter. We love you Pastor Scott
Celebration Sunday - September 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Terry Heidt, James Semora, Brian Schmitz, Matthew Carroll, Bobby Mayo, Larry Whitehurst, Denver Martin, Steven Burnette, Jonathan Walls, Thomas Vaden, Matthew Page, & Trevonta Thompson!
The Client of the Month is Anthony Seals. Congratulations!
Dorm of the Month is Dorm 15. Congrats on a job well done! 
Happy September Birthday to Gregory Austin, Michael Hamilton, Teddy Hatley, Daniel Hill, Bradley Reynolds, Justin Roe, Jeremiah Scott, & James Vance!

Our Reliable of the Month is Jacob Sprinkle! Congrats
A look around Erin
Pastor Kenney spoke a powerful word Sunday night on strong holds out of 2nd Corinthians 10:3-5 with demonstrations...Amen!
Mr. Short and Kitchen Manager, Cedric Henderson, receiving a brand new upright freezer. Getting ready for over 400 pounds of beef donated to us from our President, Pastor Brad Bowie, and family!
Congratulations to Jeff Roberson on your new position as Reliable Director!
What a great praise and worship service! Pastor Kenney spoke on the influence of music and the power of praising God in all our trials..Amen!
Shout out to Deon Ellison, Tracy Armstrong, Adrian Reed, Justin Mahon, Patrick Wilson, and Justin Soles for sprucing up Safe Harbor Erin!
We love having the creek across from us on hot summer days!
Every client here at Safe Harbor works so hard at remaining clean and many of us staff know that struggle 1st hand. We want to spot light them in there achievements and encouraging them in there walk....Amen!
Ephesians 5:26 "to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God's word."
Thank you Tracey and Tiffany at Tennessee Bun, of Dickson, for the wonderful donation!
Thank you Houston County and Steward County Sheriffs Office for your outstanding work and dedication for helping Safe Harbor of Erin stay drug free. We are happy that we passed with flying colors! Thank you Officers for your great attitude and spending time with our clients this evening afterwards joking around and showing them your dogs and just showing our men such great respect! Our hats off to each of you!
Pastor Kenney bringing forth an anointed message for us in Erin!
We want to congratulate Matt Ellis on his promotion to Assistant Director. Matt is still serving as our Reliable Coordinator as well.
Congratulations Matt and keep up the good work! Onward & upward always!
Partner of the Quarter - Waverly Wood
Waverly Wood has been a key in the success to our program and our men here at Safe Harbor of Erin. Waverly Wood offers a competitive wage with great full-time opportunities year-round. Our guys come back from Waverly Wood and say things like, “It may be tough work, but I love it!” and “I really enjoy being outside at work”. 

We want to recognize Waverly Wood as our partner of the quarter. Thank you Waverly Wood for a great partnership over the years and we look forward to many more years to come!
Celebration Sunday - August 2020
Congrats to our graduates; Noah Benson, Matthew Vogel, Charles Grayson, Brandon Emmons & Nicholas Lawson!
Happy August Birthday to Caleb Jackson, Anthony Donahue, Jonathan Walls, Matthew Page, Bobby Mayo, & Noah Benson!
Client of the Month is Steven Nelson! Congratulations!
Our Reliable of the Month is Nicholas Lawson. Congrats!

Dorm of the Month is Dorm 18. Congratulations gentlemen!
Staff Spotlight - Anna Jones
Ms. Anna Jones joined the Safe Harbor family on June 25, 2020. Our Admissions office was in transition from the excellent work of our outgoing admissions coordinator. Erin had great concern concerning the continuance of that excellence in our admissions office. During the interview process Anna's professionalism and care for servicing people with passion stood out from all the other interviewees. She has jumped in with both feet renewing contacts with our partner agencies. Our clients know we care as a result of her exceptional caring communication in the community and with clients in the facility. Our admission office just received high marks by our Regional Director because of her office procedures. We are privileged to have Ms. Anna Jones on our team.
Client of the Quarter - Anthony Seals
"I first want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for leading me to Safe Harbor, because of Christ alone I am here today. Before I came to Safe Harbor I had a head on collision that almost killed me, after I woke up in the hospital I knew at that very moment my Lord had a plan for me, and it was not drinking alcohol or doing drugs. After I left the hospital I wanted to change and I did that day. I realized God was real and in my life thanks to Safe Harbor staff, the the recovery program, and Christian service. I'm a new person, a better man, clean, sober, and alive. I feel so much more powerful than I ever have. Thanks to God's grace, mercy, and His Holy Spirit leading me to Safe Harbor.
In Jesus Name, I'm blessed.
Anthony Seals"
Celebration Sunday - July 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; William James, Michael Denton, Travis Jackson, Steven Hobock, Tyler Bryant, & Billy Coleman!
Happy July Birthday to Courtney Tisby, Jonathan Warren, Zebadiah Baggett, & Denver Martin!
Our Reliable of the Month is Denver Martin. Congratulations!
Client of the Month is Brandon Emmons! Congrats
Dorm of the Month is Dorm 12. Great job guys!
July 4th Celebration