2019 Statistics
Men Employed -313
Taxes Paid - $209,507.05
Child Support Paid - $36,282.38

Men Housed - 49
Men Employed - 47
Graduates for the Quarter - 18
Baptisms for the Quarter - 6
Letter from the Director - Paul Garner
Greetings From Memphis!
We have many new and exciting changes happening in Memphis!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome our newest staff member Miss Suzanne Green. She will be taking over our admission department and welcoming all new clients through their journey at Safe Harbor Memphis. Welcome to the team!!!

This quarter we have added an additional morning IOP class and made this available to all our recovery clients alongside revamping all our classes and curriculum.

I would like to thank Mr. Brandon Essary for leading a talented team (Clinton Carter, Jonathan Morris, and James Duff) from our other cities to do a full remodel of our property. We are painting, adding new trim, new ceilings, roofs and more!

Also I would like to thank Mrs. Melanie Lyell for all help with our pillow drive! If you would like to donate you can order pillows online and send them directly to Memphis! You can order from Amazon, Walmart, Target... wherever you would like. Please see the info below!

We give glory and praise to our Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to work through our clients to realize with God anything is possible!
Pillow Donations can be sent to:
Safe Harbor of Memphis
3630 Jackson Ave
Memphis, TN 38108
We want to introduce you to our new Admissions Coordinator for Memphis, Suzanne Green.

"I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work for Safe Harbor of Memphis. Having gone through recovery myself, I understand the importance of our mission. Looking through the eyes of sobriety, I feel like I can better serve the clients. I am looking forward to all that the future holds while working for this amazing organization." - Suzanne
Celebration Sunday - September 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; George Wise, Leroy Taylor Jr., Ernest McDonald, Anthony Gunnels, Carlton Campbell, Michael Sherley, Joe Barber, Tobby Knowlan, & Curtis Hall!
Happy September Birthday to Tobby Knowlan, Archie Morning, Jared Severy, Richard Snyder, Trevanno Stewart, Arthur Vaughn, Douglas Waldron, George Wise, Antonio Womack Jr.
Our Client of the Month is Aaron Hudson. Congrats!
Our Staff of the Month is Suzanne Green. Congratulations!
Our Reliable of the Month is Wuroala Apata. Congratulations!
Labor Day 2020
A look around Memphis
Exciting things happening at Safe Harbor of Memphis!
We are currently remodeling the housing units to fit with the new classes, treatment services and our new Food Program here in Memphis.
Nice to have Safe Harbor Erin Team up with Memphis to get the much needed remodeling done! Thank you Pastor Kenney for allowing JM to come help us out!
God is Good!
Pastor Sims ended the month of August by letting the Word of God flow through our hearts and minds like water. God's Word is pure!
Our Director spent time with the clients during recreation playing X-Box. Then we had a great Sunday Service! 25 clients re-dedicated to Christ and 1 accepted Christ for the first time! We also had great reliable meeting!
Thursday Fatherhood Class. Jermaine Ervin gave a moving testimony to the men of Safe Harbor of Memphis.
Memphis Chapel service on Monday. The Word was taken from JONAH Chapter 1 & 2.
Pastor Charles teaching the clients Celebrate Recovery
Safe Harbor of Memphis clients writing residents of an assisted living home in North Carolina who are in need of pen pals due to COVID-19 lock down on visits. Mrs. Edna and Mr. Rodgers your letters are on the way!
Partner of the Quarter - Highline Aftermarket
Safe Harbor of Memphis proudly announces Highline Aftermarket as our Partner of the Quarter.

Highline is a great partner, who employs 16 clients from Safe Harbor of Memphis. We would not be able to do what we do without the dedication, support, and job opportunities provided to our clients from Highline Aftermarket. Highline has gone above and beyond to show they truly care about our men. We couldn't ask for a better company to be partnered with.

Highline After market manufactures and distributes packaged automotive chemicals, lubricants, filters, parts, tools and accessories to independent distributors, jobbers, wholesalers and multiple retail channels. They deliver what you need, when you need it at a fair, profit-producing prices. They provide high performance products to shift your business into high gear. 

Thank you for all you do! 
Celebration Sunday - August 2020
Congrats to our graduates; Nathaniel Maclin, Todd Watts & Curtis Shepard!
Happy August Birthday to Myrick Eggleston, John Flyod, Anthony Gunnels, Marshall Hill, Lemont Gaston, & Leroy Taylor Jr.!
Our Reliable of the Month is Charles Collier. Congratulations!
Our Client of the Month is Tobby Knowlan! Congrats!
Our Staff of the Month is Charles Sims! Congrats on a great job!
Our Safe Harbor Hero Award goes to Suzanne Green! Congrats!
Staff Spotlight - Pastor Charles Sims
This quarter's Staff Spotlight goes to Pastor Charles Sims. 

Pastor Charles has been with the Ministry 20+ years! He teaches classes, mentors, and leads his department with hard work and dedication. There is no one that is more dedicated in seeing our clients succeed.

 It has been a true honor to work with such a true servant of the Lord. 
Client of the Quarter - Keith Ridgeway
"When I first came to Safe Harbor in April I was lost and hopeless. I started drinking at the age of 14 and found heroine at the age of 22. Since then my life had been spiraling out of control for over 2 decades. I was also facing some pretty serious criminal charges when I enrolled at Safe Harbor of Memphis.  

Safe Harbor has brought God into my life and the way he has moved inside me over the last six months is hard to even explain. This Has been the longest period of sobriety since that first drink I took at the age of 14. All of my charges will be dropped upon my graduation from here. The hardest part of my recovery has been the peace, strength, and love for others, that I have found by my growing faith and dependence on God. 

I honestly don't know where I would be be without Safe Harbor."
Celebration Sunday - July 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Marico Hawkins, Emanuel Thomas, Michael McAlister Jr., Derek Johnson, Timothy Wilford, & Patrick Dowlen!
Happy July Birthday to Carlton Campbell, James Forrest, Daniel Parsons, & Timothy Timberlake!
Our Reliable of the Month is Harry Wilson. Congrats!
Our Client of the Month is Arthur Vaughn. Congratulations!
July 4th Celebration in Memphis
Thanks to Paul & the staff of SHOM for the games for the clients.