2019 Statistics
Men Employed - 490
Taxes Paid - $328,819.11
Child Support Paid - $46,556.82

Men Housed - 23
Men Employed - 21
Graduates for the Quarter - 7
Letter from the Director - David Elkins
Well, I don't have to tell anybody that the times we're living in are crazy, crazy, crazy but God continues to show me He is still on the throne and saving lives!

The other morning, I woke up about my normal time (4:30 AM) and felt a compulsion to leave early for the office. On the way stopped at my routine convenience store to get my sausage biscuit and milk oh yeah, an apple fritter too. When I pulled up to the side entrance of the convenience store, I noticed a man crouched down with a little grocery bag against the wall. I just assumed that he was waiting on a ride to go to work. I went into the store and did my business but as I left the store Jesus said I want you to help that man.

 When I exited the building he was standing up, I looked at him and said, are you OK and he began to tell me that he needed to get to where his wife was. After a small exchange in dialogue I agreed to take him to his wife. Along the way I found out that he was released from jail the day before and walked over 20 miles to where I found him. His feet were sore, and he could not continue to walk any further. It was raining, cold and he had just lost all hope. He asked me what I did, and I told him I ran a program to help men who are recovering from addiction and recently released from jail or prison.

He looked at me and said; “WILL YOU HELP ME” and then began to tell me that as he was walking from jail he passed two churches and at each church he passed he walked up on the steps in prayed for God to send somebody to help him. It became obvious I was that man and God was going to get the glory! We made it to his wife's work location as she was getting off her shift. She approached me with tears in her eyes thanking me for helping her husband, her words; “he's a good man just lost his way”. I informed my new found friend Jesus has answered your prayer so it looks like you will be going with me this morning. Several days later the cloud is lifted from his head, his feet are healing up, and Jesus has restored his hope.

There is nothing like seeing God at work! The love He has for the least of us is amazing!

 I encourage you next time He tells you to do something, don't blow it off because you're too busy or don't want to get involved because you just might be a part of seeing God restore hope to a life that was desperately looking for Him! To God be the glory!
                                                                                           Pastor David Elkins
Celebration Sunday - September 2020
Congrats to our graduates; Noah Hampton & Christopher Proctor!
Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month - Bill Vanderwege!
Our Client of the Month is Mark Reed. Congrats!
The Client Volunteer of the Month is James Tharpe. Congratulations!
Our Staff Member of the Month is Chris Smith. Congrats!
Dorm of the Month went to the Nahum Dorm. Congratulations on a job well done!
Labor Day 2020
A look around Jefferson County
Our Partner D&S Builders continue to bless us with donations. Over 100 assembly chairs, 20 office chairs, vinyl and ceramic floor tile! What an amazing company and group of people!
We had a great time at the BBQ & Baptism in July!
Squash for dinner, fresh out of our garden!
Partner of the Quarter - Ross Prestress Concrete
Ross Prestress Concrete has been apart of our work program before we ever had a program in Knoxville. They have given many men opportunities to work and a career.

Rick and Dean really care about people and it is obvious they are serious about second chances. But more than just another chance at work, they genuinely are concerned for the well being of their families and life away from the plant.

 This is why Ross Prestressed Concrete is Safe Harbor's highlighted Partner of 3rd Quarter.
Celebration Sunday - August 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Ashford Hastings, Robert Massey, & Wade Woolman!
Congratulations to our Client of the Month Christopher Cottner!

Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month Matthew DeLong!

Congratulations to our Client Volunteer of the Month Keith Black!
Staff Spotlight - Chris Smith
We want to recognize Chris Smith as SHJC spotlight Staff of the Quarter. All my staff here at SHJC are superstars. They go way beyond what is expected or what is needed. They care!

Chris has been with me for many years and I have watched him adapt through a tragic accident that we were not sure he was even going to live through. Chris has the attitude to get it done, whatever is asked of him, and he puts his full effort behind.

Chris thank you for the being 1st a man of God and being a key part of SHJC!
Client of the Quarter - James Tharpe
"I grew up in the country, love horses and just the persona that goes with that lifestyle. But I seem to have a problem when I get a pocket full of money and no accountability.

 Crack cocaine cost me my freedom and ended up in prison. There I met David Elkins and he encouraged me to change my location and start fresh, so I moved to Knoxville. Was in a program called FOCUS and did good for a while but failed again. Although I didn't go back to prison, I found myself in a darker more hopeless prison than prison ever was. Like the prodigal I came to my senses and called David he accepted me back in the program again and again and again. I thought; would I ever figure it out?

A friend of mine says if you do not get the lesson, you’ll repeat the class. God says that if I surrender all to Him He will give me a new life and that is what I've done this time at Safe Harbor. Now I'm confident that I have a future and I hope because Jesus is my Lord and Savior." - James Tharpe
Celebration Sunday - July 2020
Congratulations to our graduate, Vincent Willoughby!
Our Reliable of the Month is Patrick Phillips. Congrats!
Client of the Month is Shawn Kessler! Congratulations!
Client Volunteer of the Month is Patrick Warden. Congrats!