2019 Statistics
Men Employed -396
Taxes Paid - $182,378.57
Child Support Paid - $35,662.99

Men Housed - 70
Men Employed - 59
Graduates for the Quarter - 16
Letter from the Director - Eric Alexander
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is with great pleasure that I report to everyone all the miraculous things that GOD is doing at Safe Harbor Little Rock.

This year, none the less, has been the most trying year as a director and staff here at Safe Harbor Little Rock. Since February we have been under the constraints of Covid-19 and this “new normal”. This pandemic, and all the uncertainty that it brings with it, has caused disparity and fearfulness in the mind of most of the country, and our clients to say the least. So much work has been done to implement new protocols and procedures. We have a standing temperature checkpoint at the entrance of the facility and signage posted through out the campus. Our cleaning and sanitizing efforts have been upgraded and micromanaged. We have a focused COVID test protocol (pre isolation on new intakes and test at facility monthly) and an isolation area when needed, along with random temp checks throughout the week.
For the past couple of months, our partners have been increasing in productivity and need for positions filled. We are adding more and more request to our work up. We are excited about all the job opportunities being available to our clients. The men in our program are enjoying the benefits of a God that knows and a GOD that cares.
The fall season is upon us and we joyfully anticipate the merriment of the season. We’re hoping for a festive atmosphere despite this year’s pandemic. We are hoping for the restart of our clients' visitations and making every effort to prepare, as clients' families and the public safety is our main concern.
The lives of our clients are being touched in various ways; returning to work, getting charges dropped, reuniting with family, as well as being born again. We are seeing, week after week, men rededicating their lives and becoming excited about the gospel of Christ. It’s an honor and a privilege to experience it all!

We are also excited about the start of 2 services on Sunday morning and evening. This will be a first for Safe Harbor of Little Rock. The men will truly be blessed by the increase of spiritual program.
All blessings and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding,
Pastor Eric Alexander
Celebration Sunday - September 2020
Our Reliable of the Month is Danny Strange. Congratulations!
Our Client of the Month is Joshua Durham. Congratulations!
Our Staff of the Month is Jonathan Brooks. Congratulations!
A look around Little Rock
Little Rock received a blessing from our very own Chaplin Pastor Taylor Sunday night. He preached a message that a lot of our clients were involved with him standing and praising.
Little Rock received a blessing. Pastor Rucker preached tonight’s service with all of our pastors present. We are truly blessed to have 4 pastor’s at our facility!
We had 5 men that came to the alter tonight. Jerry Burton, Robert Diggs, Cameron Hawkins,Bronson Stracener, and Danny Strange.
Safe Harbor of Little Rock’s Wall of Fame!
Little Rock was blessed again from Tyson Chicken with 20 boxes of chicken! Thank you Tyson!
Our very own Nigel Poland bringing the word tonight in his first sermon. God continue to bless him!
Baptisms in Little Rock
Working on some improvements around the campus. Thankful for clients who jump in and help!
Thank you Taylor Bus Sales of Murray, KY for the Awesome deal on these incredible vans for Safe Harbor of Little Rock!
Driver John Brooks washing van after morning routes!
Thankful for the donation of 400 pounds of potatoes we received!
Jose & Alexander preparing & grilling the meat for the 4th of July cookout. We had happy clients with the meal prepared for them.
Pastor Eric Alexander sharing his personal testimony with the SHLR clients in the Celebrate Recovery class
Partner of the Quarter - Industrial Crate & Supply

ICS is one of our premier partners, and is instrumental in offering our clients full-time permanent employment.

Our clients often say that they love working for this company and feel a sense of new found purpose. We are thankful to have ICS as partners in helping repair these men lives!
Celebration Sunday - August 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Jonathan Brooks, Michael Long, David Williamson, & Kenneth Davis!
Our Reliable of the Month is Kirklin Baker. Congratulations!
Our Client of the Month is Harrell McKinney. Congratulations!
Happy August Birthday to Kenneth Frakes, Randy Breeland, Kenneth Davis, Charles Fry, Joseph Hamilton, & Shane Reeves!
Staff Spotlight - Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks has done a tremendous job jumping into the reliable chair and taking things by the reins. He is learning at a fast pace all the intricate details that comes with staffing our clients.

I see a very big future for John in this ministry, a feel he's made a very wise choice in deciding to come on board. John's background is in new auto sales, and he brings lots of customer service skills and PR experiences to this position. 
Client of the Quarter - Jason Sanders
"I am so proud to be a part of this ministry. I was here once before and always felt that I was doing fairly well in the program, helping in the kitchen, volunteering, and helping staff whenever I was asked. I was on disability then and met a girl and moved in with her, and before long things fell apart. So I found myself back on heavy drugs and trying to escape reality.

Then one day I saw a couple of Safe Harbor staff members that said I was always welcomed back. I decided to humble myself and try to start over, they made me feel like I was missed and was glad to see me. Since back, I have gotten off disability and working full-time at Kohler and in the process of being hired fulltime. I owe all that has happened to Jesus, He is my Savior and Lord! I look forward to being a part of this ministry if and when I leave, but I hope that's not for a long time!"
Celebration Sunday - July 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Ryan Ross, Michael Williams, Alexander Owens, Richard Pullen, Jeremy Batson, Gregory Downing, Nathan Stacy, & Clarence Robinson!
Our Reliable of the Month was Steven Travis! Congrats!
Our Client of the Month was Christopher Staley. Congratulations!
Our Client Volunteer of the Month was Christopher Weatherford. Congrats!
Happy July Birthday to Odis Madden!