2019 Statistics
Men Employed -285
Taxes Paid - $299,965.63
Child Support Paid - $47,784.87

Men Housed - 68
Men Employed - 53
Graduates for the Quarter - 21
Baptisms for the Quarter - 10
Letter from the Director - James Staffan
Good day and many blessings from all the staff at Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. Through these changing times we have faired quite well and will not stop our primary focus: Reaching out to those at their lowest through the power of the highest.

My name is James Staffan and I am the new Director for the Bucksnort facility. I transferred from our Little Rock campus and would like to state that Bucksnort is a marvelous facility. We are constantly on the move here; looking for new ways to improve and brighten up the property. 

Walking in Safe harbor of Bucksnort, I was immensely impressed at the professionalism and dedication of the staff. Each department head is focused on their tasks while wearing other hats assisting each other to better server these men. Troy Beasley, our Reliable Coordinator, works tirelessly to vet our clients and place them in the best possible job. Deeply ingrained in the recovery community is Christopher Somerville. He networks with courts, probation/parole officers, lifeliners, rehabilitation centers, and word of mouth to extend Safe Harbor's hand to men in need. Josh Smith, our lead Program Coordinator, wears many hats and meets clients needs on a daily basis. Chaplain James DeGraffenreid is a friend, a counsellor, a pastor, and a shoulder to lean on. I have seen him build good rapport with the clients. Those relationships he builds are priceless and are a good start for moving forward.

Here in Bucksnort we are striving to help each man with: Knowing God, Finding Freedom, Discovering their Purpose and Making a Difference. Those core principles are a substantial foundation to build upon. To anyone reading this, if there is someone that you know needing our program, please feel free to call upon us. 

My direct cell as Director:  
James Staffan 501-626-7722

Admissions Coordinator:
Chris Somerville 731-414-3534

Regional Director: 
Jonathan Newcomb 949-510-8960.
God Bless you and may peace be upon you and your families in Jesus Christ's name.
Celebration Sunday - September 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Bryon Copeland, Freddie White, Larry Stewart, Jonathan Adkins, & Thomas Teffetelleer.
A look around Bucksnort
Bucksnort was blessed again this weekend with multiple donations of a brand new basketball goal, brand new football and a volley ball net! Now to get it set up that's next.

Also our Chaplin getting the first dunk!
"Fitness class day14!!Its raining outside so we did it inside! We will run again tomorrow!! Love them!! Love y’all!! BE THE CHANGE!!" - Reliable Director, Troy Beasley
Lifeliner Brannon Powell and guests in powerful AA/NA meeting in Bucksnort!
"Started couch to 5k with these guys today!! Let’s see how many are still rocking with me in 8 weeks!! I am so proud of the man of Safe Harbor working hard to BE THE CHANGE!!" - Troy Beasley
We want thank our guest speaker, Larry Mullens, for coming out Wednesday night and speaking to the guys tonight he is 80 years old and has been sober 31 years today! His testimony was phenomenal, God is great!
“Fitness class day 4!!! I had a special guest host this morning Clay Andrews. I am sooo proud of these guys!! They were waiting for me to come out of my office this morning!!! I LOVE THEM !! I LOVE YALL!” - Reliable Director, Troy Beasley
It’s game on at Bucksnort! The Ping Pong table arrived and was put to use quickly!
8am is not to early for a pick up game. Exercise class in full swing!
Partner of the Quarter - Ebbtide Holdings LLC
Our most recent contract with Ebbtide Holdings LLC, has been a God send. They provide a safe work environment and the men who work there state the employees of Ebbtide holdings LLC are supportive and positive. The office staff at Safe Harbor appreciate the timely manner, in which documentation is received and the open communication which allows us to best serve the clients in the program. In the beginning, Ebbtide Holdings LLC started with 2 men and has grown to 5. We are currently working on starting more clients there soon. This is huge! Ebbtide continues helping the clients of Safe Harbor not only be productive and support their recovery, they are also granting an opportunity to those who might otherwise be unable. Chris, Makayla, Sloan, and the rest of the staff truly care about the men and have even donated 3 very nice air conditioning units for the client’s rooms.
We are a grateful beyond measure for Ebbtide Holdings LLC and are excited to say they are our Partner of the Quarter. Through open communication, a positive work environment, and opportunities for our men they have set themselves above the norm. Thank you, Ebbtide Holdings LLC, for all you do and we are excited to see where our partnership goes in the future!
Celebration Sunday - August 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Grover Moore, Gary Ward, James Wade & Thomas Pendergrast!
Staff Spotlight - Michael McKissack
I would like to congratulate Mr. Mike McKissack as Staff of the Quarter. 

Mike is the newest Program Coordinator on the Safe Harbor team and has proved himself to be reliable, dedicated team player. Mr. McKissack takes on any new challenge with a YES! He is determined and God minded; reading his bible and keeping the word of God at the forefront of his mind. 

He is a proud father of two children and expresses that he loves giving back and helping with client's needs. We hope to see many more years with Mike as a Christian Soldier fighting on the front lines.
Client of the Quarter - Terrill Smith Sr.
"My name is Terrill Smith Sr. and I was born and raised in Murfreesboro, Tn. I have one child which is my son who is a junior in High School.

My choice of drugs was cocaine and marijuana and I began using at the age of 14 and 15. I once sold weed and cocaine, that's where my use began. I was pulled over in 2017 and arrested for possession of weapons. Court requested for me to come to Safe Harbor. I'm glad they accepted me.

Safe Harbor has blessed me with a job. It also has taught me to be patient. Last but not least it has caused me to think positively in negative situations."
Celebration Sunday - July 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Lonnie Miller, Michael McKissack, Justin Reel, Brandon Whited, Byrall Webb, Patrick Hydorn, Cedric Hopkins, Daniel Stevenson, & Warren Venoy!
Our Reliable of the Month is Warren Venoy. Congratulations on a job well done!
July 4th Celebration