AS220 presents MACRO vs micro, Rhode Island artist, Teddy Trocki-Ryba's latest solo exhibition on view from October 2—30, an always important and fresh take on the experience of COVID-19 in the public and in private. As explained in Trocki-Ryba's artist statement, "the work displayed in MACRO vs micro seeks to juxtapose the MACRO experience of community and government with the micro experience of family and individual life." The "MACRO" works include 3D printed sculptures created through photogrammetry, "a process by which a series of photographs is used to create a digital 3D scan of a real-world object or space"; scans "presented with photo prints of their corresponding 'texture file," which is a "2D photo file which the computer wraps across the surface of the untextured 3D file" which reproduces a photorealistic 3D facsimile on a computer or smartphone; along with sculptures that utilize projectors and television screens. On the other end, "a series of micros, expressions of individual life and the experience of family--including several scans of children's toys which were created in collaboration with students as part of a digital arts class at the Jamestown Arts Center." While these technological processes and terms seem difficult to conceptualize for those unfamiliar, the exhibition shows just how relatable and engrained both the big and the small are; the near and the far are in our lives. AS220's Main Gallery is located at 115 Empire St. Providence, Rhode Island. The gallery is free and open to the public, Thursday and Friday from 12—5 p.m., or by appointment. For more information, visit