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Pup Alert  Newsletter
March 31st, 2017
Puppies Available Starting in May!

All Females Below Have Been Bred or Are NOW in Heat
and Will Be Bred Between April 2-8
See Parents' Photos on

I shall be taking twitterpated females-in-heat to visit their 2017 mates during the coming very busy week. Please contact me by cell: 970 708-8030 if you would like to talk to me about a new puppy. I'm pretty sure to get behind in emailing...

*Cedar is a wonderful mini-Goberian F2 Guardian puppy who must be rehomed. Photo is to the right --and he is gorgeous. Cedar is 35 lb. Please contact Sheron at XANADU for additional information: 970 708-8030.

A. Our first GOBERIAN Litter of 2017--Lullaby. SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR OUR GUARDIAN PUPPY. Please see attached photo of puppies. Contact me for Guardian information.
Lullaby and UberKhan have four little GOBERIAN pups, two males and two females. There were many deposits. Two puppies are black and white and two are brown and white; they look like their daddy, Uber. All pups should be blue-eyed.

The following persons will be able to choose pups when pups are a bit older:
1. GUARDIAN PUPPY As yet, our Guardian pup is still available.
2. Jonah M. (male) Litter Pick
3. Chelsea S. Chelsea, this is a small litter. Please let me know if you'd rather have a Litter Pick from our next litter by Bhakti--Info. follows below.
4. Sarah A. (female) Sarah, these pups are gorgeous! Yet because you want several specific vanity features, you might consider requesting the Litter Pick from the next litter or the Goberian litter that follows Bhakti's litter. Please let me know.
B. Uhura's Breeding with Rome and Saint--standard-sized, low-to-no-shed ATHLETES & low-to-no-shed GOBERIAN PUPS.

Uhura makes wonderful puppies! She has been bred to two males, and we hope for a litter of both low-to-no-shed standard-sized Doodle-Athletes and low-to-no-shed Goberians. Rome's pups will be natural athletes and will help you train for the Iron-Man/Iron-Woman Challenge, the Olympics, the name it. These pups will be fast, long-lived, beautiful, and VERY SMART.

Saint's pups may be white and blue-eyed. Some may look much like last year's darling, Cashmere.

Please let me know if you would like to reserve a puppy from Uhura' lower-  shed litter, and I will move your deposit to this litter. Also, let me know if you would like a pup by Rome or by Saint.
C. Bhakti's Upcoming, April 3-8--GOBERIAN Breeding with Chinook.

The following persons' deposits will roll over to our next small-to-standard-  sized litter(s): Bhakti's litter with Chinook (back-up studs--in case Chinook is unavailable--are Uber Khan, Pup Charming, and Cedar). There are more deposits for this litter than the probable number of pups in Bhakti's litter. Deposits that exceed the number of pups born will roll over to the next standard-sized Goberian breeding--(and Eve is in heat as of today. She will be  bred to Uber Khan in 10-14 days).

This will be Bhakti's only litter; there will be two Guardian puppies available from her litter. Please let me know if you are interested in applying for     Guardianship.
In Bhakti and Chinook's Upcoming Litter:
3. Jeff & Katie
4. Julie & Alex
5. Vickie S.
6. Deborah D. (wants a female)
7. & 8. James S. (wants 2 pups)
9. Jennifer K. (J., because you want several specific characteristics, I recommend that you specify a Litter Pick pup from this or the next Goberian litter)
10. Mark M.
11. Jason R.
12. Sara H.
13. Jim B.
If you have submitted a deposit for a standard-sized Goberian puppy and your name is not recorded above, please let me know so I can find your deposit and put your deposit in the proper chronological order for a Goberian puppy. OUR NEXT STANDARD-SIZED GOBERIAN BREEDING IS NOT YET SCHEDULED, because our female is not yet in heat. 
D. Mini-GOBERIAN X POMSKY Litter--Sprite and Wolf (who is red), breeding April 3-8

These Pomsky cross puppies will be very small as adults. Little Wolf is only five pounds. Sprite is only (about) 35 lb. I expect puppies to be an adult size of   between 15 and 25 lb. And these pups should look like little wolves and have marvelous coats. I hope some pups will be red. Most puppies will be brown- eyed.

Six people have submitted deposits for Pomsky puppies, but in most cases, I do not know which litter is preferred. Please let me know if you would like to        reserve a puppy from Sprite and Wolf's litter of pups. There will be a Guardian puppy available from this litter. 
E. POMSKY Litter--Sierra and Ashoka; breeding April 5-9

Wonderful, sturdy puppies expected. Some are expected to be blue-eyed; some        brown-eyed. Again, these puppies will look very much like little wolves. Adult sizes should be around 25 lb.; some puppies may be larger.
1. Guardian puppy is available.
2. Shelbee W. Litter Pick male puppy
3. Meredith--Female puppy
4. Other deposits on file...please let me know under which litter to put your existing deposit.

F. Upcoming GOBERIAN Breeding, April 3-8: Uluru and Pup Charming.  
Some pups will look more like mom and some more like dad; the objective is puppies that are no-to-low-shed. Please let me know if you would like for me to place your deposit under Uluru's litter. Expected size of these  GOBERIAN X pups is about 45 lb. (between 40 and 50 lb.) Some puppies could be white, like Pup Charming.

G. Confetti is scheduled to be bred to Comet or to Ballad for a XANADOODLE litter.  Confetti is out of Fyre and Ashoka. Comet is out of Myrrh and River. Ballad is out of Jazz and Comet. Please see photos. Confetti's puppies will be available--and fantastic! Guardian homes needed; please let me know if you are interested, and thank you!

H.  Aussipoo Padma has been bred to blue-eyed Cockapoo Snow.  Puppies will be ready for new homes in July. Litter Pick pups may be available.
1. Possible available Guardian puppy
2. Nancy S. wants a brown-eyed female
3. Josh R. wants a blue-eyed pup (male/female?)

I.  Aussiepoo Stardust has been bred to mini-Goldendoodle, River.  Puppies will be ready for new homes in July. Please let me know if you would like to have a Litter Pick male or female. Guardian pup may be available.
1. Kenneth C.
2. Amy M. (dep.)
3. If you have submitted a "Small Doodle" deposit and would like to move your deposit to this litter, please let me know.

J. Holly has been bred to Champagne.  This litter is  SOLD OUT.  If there are not enough pups for everyone who has submitted a deposit, deposits will roll over to the next no-shed small Doodle litter. I highly recommend Ireland's litter with Inky (next).
1. Guardian female/puppy available
2. Doc K, Female Litter Pick pup
3. Nancy S. (name also under Padma's litter)
4. Jessica N.
5. Holly B.
6. Michael & Karen T. Female

K. Ireland will be bred to Inky, April 3-8  We expect wonderful, small, blue-eyed puppies--blue merles and perhaps some that look like Ireland, too (gold and white).
1. Guardian puppy is available.
2. Rachael J. wants a Litter Pick female

L. AKC red Standard Poodle, Jontue' will be bred to Rumi Wyldfyr for an F1b no-shed litter ; breeding between April 2-7
We expect wonderful red and gold/white parti-colored no-shed pups that will be about 45 pounds as adult dogs (sizes will vary between 40-45 lb. or so). These will be extremely sweet pups. Please let me know if you would like for me to put your deposit for a no-shed pup under Jontue's litter.  There will be a Guardian pup(s) available.

Thank you, and I'll be back!

Sheron and XANADU of the Rockies' Pack o' Pups  
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Phone:  970-708-8030