E-Motion America, Inc. has been a distributor of Torque and Linear Motors for over 15 years.

We offer: Cyclone DDR Motors, Torque Motors, Linear Motors, and many more automation solutions with outstanding technical support!
Relying on advanced motor technology and ripe crafts, Cyclone Motor's have successfully undertaken a key project on Hi-End Numerical Control Machines and Fundamental Manufacturing Equipment in 2009. Rich in theoretical research and comprehensive design ability, E-Motion has successfully designed and produced a series of DDR products with continuous torque from 2 Nm to 3300 Nm, acting as the 1st enterprise in China issuing standards for DDR motors.

By adopting direct drive technology, DDR motors get rid of retarding mechanism and has the following advantages.
  • High dynamic performance and high reliability.
  • Direct extension of force - no mechanical transmission
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Simplified mechanical design
  • High dynamic response and high drive control
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Simple installation and removal
Linear Motors    
Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, E-Motion America provides the automation industry with the widest range of linear motors. Linear motors eliminate mechanical transmission devices, such as: lead screw nut institutions, gear rack agencies, belt-driven structures, etc. The adoption of direct drive technology greatly helps in optimizing precision, speed, acceleration, stability and efficiency, while substantially prolonging product life.
Cyclone linear motors adopt direct drive technology and  are available in two different configurations: U- type [U-type Synchronous Linear motors (CSLU)]  and Flat-type [ Flat-type Synchronous Linear motors (CSLF)] which are used in thousands of successful applications worldwide.
IC Series Ironcore motors provide the highest force per frame size and feature a patented anti-cogging design for smooth operation. These motors have coils wound on silicon steel laminations to maximize the generated force with a single-sided magnet way. Our co-engineering capabilities allow us to meet your stroke and payload requirements without the time and expense of a customized solution.

IL Series Direct Drive Linear ironless motors have no slots for the coil windings. This design provides very light mass, zero attractive forces between the coil assembly and the magnet way, and zero cogging. These motors are ideal for applications requiring very low bearing friction, high acceleration of lighter loads, and constant velocity even at ultra-slow speeds.

QUICKSHAFT® Linear DC-Servomotors bring linear motion to new dimensions. These high performance, miniature, linear motors consist of a solid stator housing, coil assembly and a multi-pole magnetic force rod.  
High power magnets help the motor achieve its excellent force and dynamic speed performance.

Parker Trilogy's RIPPED ironcore linear motors, with their patent-pending anti-cog technology, can produce the large forces needed for many industrial applications - without the roughness associated with traditional ironcore linear motors. With forces ranging from 13 lbf (57.8 N) continuous up to 1671 lbf (7433 N) peak, the RIPPED family is well suited for a broad range of extremely demanding applications.
The RIPPED motor connector modules allow quick and easy installation while reducing overall maintenance costs. Ultra-high-fl ex cables come standard. In addition, we offer modular magnet tracks for unrestricted travel length.  
Virtually cog-free operation combined with powerful ironcore technology make the RIPPED family of motors a superior choice for high-force, ultra-smooth motion and affordability.
Torque Motors    
The Direct Drive DC torque motor is a servo actuator which can be directly attached to the load it drives. It has a permanent magnet (PM) field and a wound armature which act together to convert electrical power to torque. This torque can then be utilized in positioning or speed control systems. In general, torque motors are designed for three different types of operation:
Direct drive torque motors are particularly suited for servo system applications where it is desirable to minimize size, weight, power and response time, and to maximize rate and position accuracies.

Frameless motors range from 28.7mm (1.13in) OD weighing 1.4 ounces (.0875 lbs) to a 4067 N-m (3000 lb-ft) unit with a 1067mm (42in) OD and a 660.4mm (26in) open bore ID. Housed motors range from a one inch cube design with 0.049 N-m (7 oz-in) peak torque to any of the frameless motors housed to customer specifications with integral DC tachometers, resolvers, encoders and shaft configurations.

Direct Drive technology has recently become more and more commonplace in machine and factory automation. Parker's Electromechanical Division has been well known for many years as a specialist in direct drive technology. Parker offers various kinds of torque motor, in "ready to run" and kit form, as well as linear motors. These motors are ideal for solutions in printing machines, bending machines or machine tools which require extremely smooth rotation, especially at very low speed, and very high accuracy. Frequently there is also a requirement for a hollow shaft.

Parker Direct Drive motors have been designed and industrialized with the aim of ensuring excellent performance as well as acceptable cost for users.
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