As we all remain quarantined, we wanted to keep you up to date with the most current information regarding Buckley products related to the construction of isolation rooms. Many of our manufacturers are offering specialized products and lead times to assist with the current crisis. Here is this week's update as of April 14, 2020 .
Exhaust Flow Fan Filter Unit in Retrofit Isolation Room

NEW ASHRAE   recently developed and announced  Updated Guidelines  as healthcare facilities prepare for and treat COVID-19 patients.  The ASHRAE committee has laid out specific recommendations and 7 different options for retrofitting isolation rooms.  If you require assistance in laying out these spaces, please reach out to Buckley for further assistance.

NEW Buckley has teamed up with Ducts & Cleats, to provide the  Iso-Aire Exhaust and Filtration System .  Developed specifically to address airborne based viruses, the Iso-Aire System contains multiple levels of filtration including options for HEPA and MERV 17 filters in a compact packaged box.  The unit, able to exhaust and filter up to 1,000 CFM in a localized area, makes it the ideal resolution for any isolation room conversion.   Available on a 7-10 day lead-time .

NEW Price and ANTEC Controls continue to provide solutions being utilized as healthcare solutions. With multiple configurations that can be seen HERE , these FFUs offer flexibility for facilities scrambling for negatively pressured and filtered spaces.  Standard lead-time for FFUs is 2-3 weeks , however, quick-ship options are available . Please contact us for further details. Meanwhile, ANTEC room pressure sensors are on a 2 day lead-time in quantities of 50 or less . The Price Critical Environments team have combined their healthcare solutions into one COVID-19 Resource Page with information on all of these products. 

NEW Powered Aire Air Curtains : Many facilities in the northeast are using air curtains for patient entries on COVID-19 facilities.   Powered Aire  is moving all healthcare work to the front of their production lines.  They now have the ability to ship both unheated and electrically heated air curtains on a 5 day lead-time .

NEW The  Filtration Group has HEPA filters still in stock and ready to be ordered, however, these are being purchased rapidly.  If you are in need of HEPA filtration for the healthcare industry, please contact Buckley as soon as possible so that we can reserve your required filters.  HEPA filters are at least 99.97% effective for 0.3 micron particles. 

NEW We have had many requests for a solution to mitigate viruses and bacteria.  One piece of equipment that is being utilized for these applications are the Airius Fan Photohydroionization .  The fan creates ionized-hydroperoxides which are effective at destroying harmful microbials in the air and on surfaces. 2-3 week standard lead-time.

TSI Room Pressure Monitoring : TSIs most common room pressure monitoring solutions are on a standard 3-4 week lead-time , however we maintain a small inventory of RPM10 room pressure monitors that are readily available IN STOCK .

Additionally, we see many temporary isolation rooms using the AirPro AP800 tool. This battery powered, hand-held device is fully capable of accurate and live room pressure monitoring. It pairs wirelessly with mobile devices to monitor in real-time. See attached for full spec sheet.  Lead times for these devices is only 2 days .
Greenheck DOAS Product Line : Precise conditioning and delivery of 100% outdoor air is critical for all isolation room applications. In order to help accommodate fast track isolation room products, Greenheck DOAS units (RV-45 size and under) are being manufactured on a 3 week lead time or less . Please reach out to us for assistance in selecting these units.
Greenheck Vektor Exhaust Fans : Greenheck Vektor fans are commonly utilized in designing isolation rooms and are currently in high demand. We recently had several Vektor exhaust systems up to 110,000 CFM ship on a 10 day lead time . Any COVID-19 related project is taking precedence in the factory, so let us know your exhaust requirements and we can provide selections ASAP.
The coronavirus is posing a new set of challenges for the communities we live in, and our industry is being called on to design, build and maintain facilities able to handle these challenges.

If you require any assistance, please give us a call as we work together during this time of crisis.

Lead times are subject to change.