XANADU has only a few Goberian puppies available. Descriptions and photos for each puppy are included with this Pup Alert newsletter. Breeding for new litters will begin as soon as XANADU'S females are in heat, Dec., 2016-June, 2017. And YES, we do hope to have a HOLIDAY LITTER, after all. Information below.

Pup Alert  Newsletter
September 12th, 2016
Ready to Go Home Today!


XANADU’S BELLA is a very pretty dark red, white, and one blue-eye/one green-eye female Goberian out of XANADU’S Uhura; sired by AKC Siberian Husky. Especially pretty w/ beautiful markings. Sweet, people oriented, good w/ other dogs, doggie-door trained, veterinarian checked, and ready for her forever home. Guaranteed for temperament, health, and genetic soundness. Last photos are last. End-of-Season Price / Best Offer. You are welcome to call for more information, and thank you! (970) 627-9747

GOBERIAN FEMALE--Small, Blue-Eyed, tan/wh, Guaranteed

BUG is the smallest female in her litter--& she is funny (in every way!). May be about 35 lb. as an adult. One blue & one green eye; longer coat for a Goberian--including a fuzzier face. Very smart & attentive pup--observant of limits (yours & hers), because she is so loving & wants to belong. Tan & white. Eyes encircled w/ tan--clown-like as a pup/expected to be gorgeous as an adult. Guaranteed to make you laugh, & also guaranteed for health, temperament, & genetic soundness. Parent photos incl; please call for more information--970 626-9747


Guardian female puppy (please call for more information) from Uhura and Adom's big Goberian litter (see last two photos). She is a smart, coffee (w/-a-bit-of-cream) pup whose white markings are very white! Ole' has green eyes & a beautiful mask. 43 lb. expected as an adult. Pretty Husky markings, soft, and loving. Guaranteed for temperament, health, & genetic soundness. (970) 626-9747.


Goberian Miss Magpie is a tri-color, dark-eyed BEAUTY out of Sheera and Chase's litter (Parents' photos attached). Bl/wh/silver Husky markings and sweet-sweet, snuggly, curious, happy temperament. Please call for more information re: Guardian pups; Magpie is vet-checked and available now to qualifying home: 970 626-9747

GOBERIAN FEMALE, Blue-Eyes, Standard-Size, Health Guaranteed

ANISE is a female Goberian pup out of Sheera and Chase's litter (last two are parent photos). She's just wonderful: light apricot, blue-geisha-eyeliner-eyes. Very sweet temperament. Healthy, pretty, & genetically sound. Anise may be purchased as a Guardian pup--$500 + Agreement OR Litter Pick at $2500. Vet checked. Please call for information about Miss Anise: 970 626-9747.

Female F1b GOBERIAN GUARDIAN PUP to Just the Right Home

Rio Vida is special. She is an F1b Goberian; that means that she is from a Goberian parent that is bred back to a Retriever (parents photos attached). Rio is quiet, probably the sweetest pup in the world (!), loving, beautiful. She sleeps through the night, is a healthy, unique Goberian girl. She looks like a white Golden Retriever. She has beautiful geisha eye-liner dark eyes. She is gentle with all other pups, kids, adults. Probably, she is too friendly to be a good guard dog, but I have heard her bark once--just one "Ruff!" She is guaranteed for marvelous temperament, for good health, for sound genetics. She is $500 with breeding agreement (please call for Guardian information), & she is available now to the right person. Vida's my favorite; highly recommended loving pup to loving person. Natural therapy dog. 970 626-9747.

Holiday Hopes and Beyond...

If you check the puppies XANADU kept this year as Guardians/future parents, you will see the physical/vanity markings for which we breed. You will see many blue-eyed pups from Joey through Anise. Many tri/and quadra-colors from Cadence to Cashmere. Few dark eyes (like Gold Nugget and Magpie), but the dark-eyed pups have very special "ingredients," too--usually coat quality and pattern, breed characteristics from therapy-dog qualities through agility / intelligence and trainability, etc., etc. XANADU considers superior health, genetic soundness, and temperament to be tacit in our litters, but these characteristics are always uppermost in our minds and not taken for granted. XANADU is not old enough to take genetics for granted. XANADU does not breed guard dogs and does not put vanity considerations ahead of temperament or health when considering breeding matches for the coming season. Our set-in-wet concrete and always-flexible Breeding Schedule for 2017 will be considered in November, and you will be informed through our Pup Alert newsletter.

Miss Holly, XANADU'S small blue-eyed Cockapoo will be bred to XANADU'S multigenerational moyen Goldendoodle, Champagne, who carries blue eyes. We hope for a beautiful litter of smaller 25-28 lb. (+/-) Doodles that are either apricot or parti-colored apricot and white. And we hope for blue eyes, too. If you want a Holiday puppy, please reserve your puppy early. Photos of parent dogs will be in later Pup Alerts or you can find photos on our Breeding Dogs page in our website.

Thank you for your interest in XANADU and for your current interest in our wonderful 2016 Goberians. If you are a Guardian, well,...XANADU couldn't thrive without your partnership. And if you are a client...Lucky You!

Sheron and Pups at XANADU

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