Pup Alert
July 22nd, 2018
For Information about XANADU Puppies, Please Contact Mandi at
PLEASE NOTE: Contact me (Sheron) about our Guardian Puppies who will have a Future Litter for XANADU; (970) 708-8030 (NO TEXT MESSAGES, PLEASE).

1. GIDGET & CEDAR'S Mini Low & NO-SHED Doodle X Litter; Males & Females AVAILABLE
5. HOW to Purchase Your XANADU Puppy + Important Information for New Puppy Owners 
Please note that puppies that will be flying to new homes by Delta Pet Cargo must be a full 8-weeks old and the weather must cooperate. Many new puppy owners choose to fly into Denver International Airport / another airport, pick up puppy, and fly home with puppy in the cabin. Please check the airline carrier you choose for regulations about pups in cabin (size of soft-sided crate, ticket price for pup-- usually around $100--etc.) The various airline carriers have company-specific regulations.

The following litters are XANADU multigenerational / multibreed that represent
XANADU Breeding Goals toward a new breed (Low-bark, calmer temperaments, playful & friendly & smart with excellent genetic lineages, etc. See ATTACHED document 2) .
  • Puppies from Gidget & Cedar's Litter are dominantly Goldendoodle/Cockapoo/Goberian crosses bred for low-to-no-shed, playful & friendly companionability, genetic excellence, great vet-checked health, and exceptional beauty.
  • Rio Vida & Moose's Litter and Magpie & Uber Khan's Litter are standard-sized Goberians (dominantly Siberian Husky X (genetically excellent) Golden Retriever. Mini-Bernedoodle crosses (Cadence's Litter) will be no-to-low shed, playful, responsible, good dogs.

Please see attached documents, Goberian Characteristics, Attachment 3 and Bernedoodle Characteristics, Attachment 4). These attachments will let you know if you want to see XANADU'S Breeding Goals in your new BFF. You can also decide if you are interested in the characteristics of the Goberian and the Bernedoodle. XANADU'S Mission is the development of the World's Best Family Dog.

ALL of these litters' pups will be intelligent, attentive, highly-trainable adult dogs that will be GREAT SERVICE DOG CANDIDATES. 

1. AVAILABLE -- GIDGET'S Mini Low &NO-SHED DOODLE X Litter sired by CEDAR; Six Five Low/No-Shed Puppies --
DOB: May 20, 2018

This litter is by special request: Pups should be low-to-no- shed. This breeding is by demand for YOU WHO WANT SERVICE-DOG CANDIDATES WITH GOBERIAN Qualities, BUT HAVE ALLERGIES or JUST PREFER LOW-TO-NO- SHED MINI-SIZED, BEAUTIFUL DOODLE-DOGS.

GIDGET'S pups are sired by small, perfectly-marked Goberian stud, CEDAR.
Gidget is a beautiful apricot multigenerational mini-Doodle. She is small at 17 lb. and has the good-natured, friendly disposition expected in the XANADU Golden Retriever / multi-breed, multi-generational DOODLE cross. Gidget has warm, expressive light brown eyes, is no-shed, and is very friendly to other dogs, as well as their humans. She was very easy to train and is a natural heeler off leash. CEDAR is a fabulously beautiful, active smaller Goberian who has one blue eye and one brown eye. Puppies are expected to be between 15-to-30 lb. as adults; the Guardian expects pups to be even smaller. Sizes will vary somewhat, because parent and grandparent sizes vary. XANADU offers very FEW LOW or NO-SHED puppies; these pups are AVAILABLE now.
Our Guardian Puppy selection is either a tri-color female, Tika, who has a soft Husky-like shorter coat, or our Guardian may be Kasha. Kasha is a light apricot and
white with longer Doodle coat, wavy and soft. It is possible that both females could become Guardian females and have one litter each in the future. Please call me if you are interested in one of these pretty females; their prices are reduced as Guardians.
Three white pups are also AVAILABLE as LITTER PICKS & PET HOME selections & can Fly to New Homes or be picked-up in Denver area if you are driving to get your pup.

Prices for Gidget and Cedar's Litter:
Guardian Pup, $1250
Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885
Brown-eyed Pet Home pups: $2250

Descriptions of Gidget & Cedar's Litter of six five follow, and these descriptions are by Gidget's Guardian (and notice how often she emphasizes calm, snuggly personalities. This isn't always the norm for small dogs or Doodle crosses. Many Doodles are not known for being calm, but this litter is special in that regard, and wonderful). Expect playful, very low-bark, smaller puppies in this litter.
A. FEMALE, TIKA -- Guardian Selection (See description above). Sweet, VERY pretty girl with traditional Husky markings and shorter, soft coat. Should be a lower-shed girl. Eye color is uncertain just now; probably hazel. If two Guardian females are selected, each will have five pups for XANADU (probably just one litter each).
B. FEMALE, KASHA, Possible Guardian Selection -- Kasha (the Guardian's Favorite). Note by Guardian, Christina: "Kasha is more of a Doodle with a longer coat that will be apricot in color with four pretty white socks, a white muzzle and white stripe up her brow. She has brown eyes and a black nose and is 100% confident, and loveable. If she’s out of her kennel, she’ll be with you. At four weeks, she was marching along beside me like she owned the house. She’s barked at me once when I wouldn’t pick her up which is stinking cute. She’s on the smaller size of the litter but I think she’ll be around 15 lbs." Note: I'd guess 18-20 pounds.
SOLD C. FEMALE, MILLY is the ONLY White female (No-Shed) .
D. MALE, TIKO White Long Hair thick and wavy (No-Shed); undercoat is tan . Another sweet, playful puppy. "Tiko is about the same size as Milly and I anticipate he will be 15-20 lbs. fully grown. He is a silly boy and a sweetie. He’s usually playing with his sister Kashi or racing her to the kennel gate for play times. He’s an explorer and loves attention from
his humans. Tiko is all white head-to-toe except for his tan little ears. He has an adorable pink nose that has a few little black dots just at the tip. He has steel gray eyes that will probably turn hazel and like his sister Milly, he has a beautiful thick, wavy coat." Note: I'd guess 23-25 lb.
E. MALE, MILO -- Milo is the biggest pup of the bunch -- Chunky boy w/ Husky- fluff coat . Milo is a favorite puppy of many who have seen him. Chill when held and LOVES being held. Husky personality / Husky-talker. He’s a lover. He’s perfectly content to sit in your lap while you’re watching TV and to just hang out with you. He is not only the largest by weight, but he also has the fluffiest coat, resembling more of his father’s coat than his mother's Doodle coat.
Milo has a pink nose and steel gray-blue eyes which will most likely turn, but sometimes pink-nosed pups retain their blue-gray eyes . Pups are sold at brown-eyed prices.
F. MALE, ALFALFA -- Alfalfa is the smallest of the litter. " He has a pink nose, a wavy cream-colored coat and steel gray eyes. Milo is a sweet boy who’s extremely easy going and takes everything in stride. He will be little-to-no-shed and appears to be developing a little darker fur on his ears that may also frame his forehead as well. I anticipate that Alfalfa will only be 12-15 lbs. fully grown." NOTE: I'd guess that he'll be a bit larger. 
2. GOBERIAN LITTER out of RIO VIDA & sired by MOOSE -- Goberian Rio Vida is just so sweet; that's all! And Mr. Moose is a gorgeous tri-color AKC Siberian Husky with blue eyes -- calm and obedient; I like that! With very calm Rio Vida for a mom and calm Moose for the daddy, THIS IS A FAVORITE GOBERIAN LITTER. LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Puppies AVAILABLE. For those of you who like the Siberian look, ears are expected to stand up.

Guardian Pups, $1250 or as noted Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885 Blue-eyed & bi- eyed pups: $2650 Brown-eyed pups: $2250
Hazel-eyed pups are usually the same price as the brown-eyed puppies. Remember that brown eyes are dominant, and a puppy with warm brown eyes is just as sweet and smart and healthy as a pup with bright blue eyes. Vanity options do cost more.

NOTE from Guardian, Nancee, follows.
"The puppies are so cute and so active now. They love to be outside running and playing in the yard. Bella (XANADU Name, Rio Vida) plays with them, too, which is cute to watch. The two pups, Coco and Roxie still have the blue eyes, Rosie, Marley and Lily have bi- colored eyes and I think the two boys, Yoshi and Rocky may both have brown eyes . We’re enjoying them immensely..."

Puppies will come to CO and can be picked up on the western slope of the Rockies at XANADU HQ from July 28 & ff. Pups can also be flown to you, or you can fly in to pick up your puppy and take him/her home with you in the cabin of the plane (Grand Junction Airport [GJT]).
DOB June 2, 2018
Selection of Guardian, Litter Pick Pups, and Pet Home Pups has begun
Pups Can Go to New Homes from July 28, 2018
playful, tri-color, Husky-marked female." Our Guardian will have a Breeding Agreement for 10 pups (minimum), with compensation for each pup. Ten- pup litters happen at XANADU, but it is likely that Rosanne will have two litters. This is a bi-eyed, blue & brown-eyed) beautiful tri-color female.
B. FEMALE, ROXY, Rio Vida's Guardian notes: (Female pups) "Roxie and Coco both have the bright blue eyes like their Dad, Moose.
I think they’ll retain them since they’re so, so blue and just gorgeous with the white/cream coat. They are both sweet girls but Roxie is a bit more dominant than Coco."
C. FEMALE COCO, As noted above, bright blue eyes and calm, sweet, playful personality. Cream / white coat. "Coco has a whitish/beige coat with thick short fur. She has a bit of light brown/beige color around her nose area & a cute speckled nose which is unique! Plus she has the bluest eyes of all the puppies (the most like her Dad's) although that can change.
"Coco is a sweet, gentle girl! She loves to explore and play with her pupmates. Although she’s on the gentler side, she still loves to wrestle around with some of her bigger siblings! She loves to be held and cuddle and can often be found cuddling up with her siblings after eating. She’s loves to explore her environment."
D. FEMALE, MS. MARLEY, " Ms. Marley’s a black & white short, wavy-furred puppy. She has white markings are on her face, chin, chest
area & tummy as well as paws & the tip of the tail. She is currently bi-color eyed (one blue & one brown eye ). Very nice. Ms. Marley is an independent girl! She’s one of the smallest of the litter but she doesn’t let it stop her. She’s playful, curious & loves to explore and play with her pupmates. She will follow me around more than some of the other puppies. She's a smart pup, too -- gentle, sweet girl. She loves to cuddle to and be held now and will lick your face all over."
E. FEMALE LILLY -- " Lilly is mostly white-coated and has short soft fur. She gets the white color from her mom, who looks like a white smaller Golden Retriever. She does have a touch of beige around the nose area on her face (from her tri-color Dad) although she is the most white- coated of all the puppies. Her eyes are blue .
"Lily is a sweet, gentle girl. She’s very playful and loves to hang with her pupmates. She’s not very vocal -- just goes with the flow more than others. You can often find her playing with her sisters Coco or Roxie or all cuddled up together after they’ve had a meal. While she does explore, she takes her time and seems to take things in stride. I think she’ll be an easy dog to train and very obedient & loyal. She reminds me of her mom, Rio Vida -- gentle and sweet and on the more mellow side."
F. MALE YOSHI -- " Yoshi has more of an apricot/cream- colored coat that is thick and a bit wavy around neck & shoulders. He does have a bit of a white stripe on his face, and his back hindquarters are a lighter cream color. He currently has blue eyes too which may change over time. Yoshi is a confident, healthy boy. He is the bigger of the two male puppies and is playful, and loves to explore. He’s a bit of a talker especially when he’s tired and hungry. He’s loves to play & cuddle up with his siblings as well as be held & will snuggle up & fall asleep on us anytime. He’s smart, not aggressive but will definitely join in with his siblings to play, and you can often find him going one-on-one wrestling with one of his pupmates."
G. MALE ROCKY. " Rocky has a soft, thick fur coat like a husky. Rocky's coat is whitish/cream with beige around the face, ears, neck
& shoulders and down his back that blends into white. He has a white stripe down his face, too. His eyes are blue, but that can change with time. Rocky is a sweet guy and the smaller of the two males. He seems to go with the flow and take things in stride. He’s not very vocal, but will definitely join in & play & wrestle & sleep with his pupmates. He loves to bite the pup-toys, any paper around, and blankets in his whelping box. He’s definitely loves to cuddle & will lick you all over the face but then bite your nose or chin (not hard
though). He loves to sleep on his back with his paws up in the air, which is just adorable." 

Please note that Bernedoodle X Pups are multigenerational crosses to calm both the Bernese & Poodle influence (although Cadence is already a calmer female Bernedoodle and easy-going family dog anyhow!). Multigenerational Bernedoodle crosses of this kind are more expensive than our other litters, depending on color patterns and no-shed qualities. That is because the Bernese Mountain Dog and Bernedoodles are so expensive to work with. Add "mini" to that mix AND genetic testing for parent dogs, and prices go even higher. XANADU will have very few Bernedoodle crosses in the future, because characteristics will be absorbed into our multigenerational XANADU Dog. Puppies from this litter should be between 30-35 lb. as adults. While they will be active puppies, they are also sweet, friendly pups. NOTE that Cadence & Durango's pup-family will have calmer characteristics than most Bernedoodle Litters, mini or standard. LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Puppies AVAILABLE. MANY of THESE PUPPIES HAVE BLUE EYES! YOU WON'T FIND THAT ANYWHERE ELSE.

DOB: 5/24/18
Litter Pick Male and Female, $3885 / $3995, IF blue or bi-eyed
Tri-Color Puppies with blue eyes or bi-eyed, $3750
Tri-Color brown-eyed/ hazel-eyed Puppies $3650
Bi-Color Coats / Blue or bi-eyed puppies $3700
Bi-Color Pet Home Pups with brown eyes $2885
The following puppy descriptions are by Cadence's Guardian; If you are interested in a XANADU'S Bernedoodle X pup, please refer to the letters/genders below to identify the puppies, e.g., "A. FEMALE," "B FEMALE," etc.
A. FEMALE " has a super-sweet girly disposition and cuddler, has a cute brown spot
on her nose & one blue eye, likes to play with some catlike pouncing. Has a brown hair on her nose instead of white -- also a dainty disposition. Expected to be blue-eyed/bi-eyed. This pup is expected to be NO-SHED. IF Chosen First, Litter Pick Price would be $3995; Pet Home Price is $3700
B. FEMALE " They are all soft like mom, but her hair is super soft & her white & black color is perfect with a speckled nose. Very pretty black & white coat pattern. Eyes expected to be brown. Expected to Be NO-SHED. Pet Home Price is $2885
C. FEMALE "... has been very playful and pays attention" (sign of a pup that will be people-oriented & easy to train). Expected to be Low Shed w/ Brown Eyes ( See pricing above).
Could be a Litter Pick or Pet Home Pup (see pricing above)
D. FEMALE "Very sweet and very pretty tri-color female. This pup is expected to be lower-shed as an adult (not a no-shed) and to have the typical look mini- Bernedoodle breeders hope for in their litters. Eyes are brown . Personality will be more mellow, as noted in above descriptions of this litter's
genetic background.
(See pricing above)
F. Cadence's BOY "...h as a strong male face and loves telling you with growls he's just playing with siblings. He has one blue eye . The boy is by far the most independent and is equally adorable. While there is a little tri-color brown on the sides of his nose, he'll be sold at bi-color - blue-eyed pricing. If any of these dogs are half as well-mannered as the mom, they will be amazing dogs.
Pet Home Pup pricing, because there is only one male: $3700 
We have blue-eyed, tri-color pups. In this litter, ears are expected to stand up. Adult sizes should be between 45 & 50 lb. Magpie is a great family dog -- not bouncy or overactive, good with people of all ages and obedient, as well; sweet, sensitive to others -- not barky either. Uber Khan is a gorgeous, calmer and loving sire. He is a "wooly"; that is, has a longer coat that is quite soft . At this time, Guardian and Litter Pick female are being sorted out, but we think these pups MAY be sold. Contact XANADU at xanadupack@gmail.com if you are interested in a Litter Pick female; contact me if you are interested in our Guardian girl with the blue-violet eyes: 970 708-8030. (These females are shown in photos). Please refer to pups by number and gender, as noted below when you contact XANADU about Magpie's available pups.

Guardian Pups, $1250 or as noted
Litter Pick Female, $2885 DOB: 5/31/18
PUPPY PICK-UP: About 7/27 (and following)/18 (We're working on that! Pups are in Illinois)
#1 FEMALE Litter Pick Female
Description by Guardian: "She has a woolly coat that is very soft and sticks straight out which makes her forehead look bigger than it is and her eyes are more green with a blue ring around the edges. She is adorable. Very laid back but will wrestle with her siblings...she is quite big compared to the other females. She's fun and sweet and loves to sit on the vent to get cool....She loves to eat and wrestle with the only boy and she does not bark much but loves to growl sometimes when she is playing with male, Toby."
#2 FEMALE Guardian Female
"Her eyes are violet blue and stand out out against her fur freckles. She loves everyone but is more reserve than the others. She only snuggles if she knows you. She loves to play and sometimes will bark during play. She loves to play in the water and she has extremely soft fur and a fun perky personality that will keep you moving. She loves to sit by her mom Magpie and loves to sleep on the other two wooly pups. Her fur is short and soft." 
5. HOW to Reserve Your XANADU Puppy:
Full PayPal payments is due at this time.
For Litter Pick and Pet Home Puppies, please contact Mandi: xanadupack@gmail.com.
For Guardian Pups, please contact Sheron Steele, XANADU Proprietress at 970 708-8030 (no texts, please).

ALL Puppy Payments can be made through XANADU'S website or by contacting Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com.

Pups that require flights will have their airfare, required vet- check, crate w/ furnishings, etc. paid at six weeks, as well. The cost of a pup's Pup Cargo ticket through Delta Airlines, the pup's crate and furnishings, requisite flight vet-check, transportation to the airport, etc. is $525. If you live some distance from the Guardian of your pup and your puppy needs to fly to his/her new home, it may be best to fly to pick up your pup and take him/her home with you in the cabin of the aircraft. At this time, Puppy Cargo Flights are through Delta Airlines. It is also possible to hire someone to bring your puppy to you in the cabin of a plane; XANADU may be able to help with these arrangements.
At birth, we know the general coat color and gender of each puppy; later we'll know pup eye colors. Pup Alert subscribers are the first to see baby pictures. Photos are also posted on our website: www.xanadoodle.com. Contacting XANADU directly for a Guardian, Litter Pick, or Pet Home pup OR receiving and responding to this newsletter is the fastest way to get the pup you want. Always try to have several pups in mind that you could love to pieces, in case your favorite becomes a Guardian pup selection (and you are not in a position to provide a Guardian home and rear a litter) or in case a pup you have your eye on has already been selected.

ALL XANADU pups are equally healthy, sweet, smart, and loving regardless of puppy-selection order. Because people realize appreciate our Breeding Goals, many times selection is based on what is most beautiful in the eyes-of-the-beholder; that is, vanity considerations of eye color, coat color and pattern, etc.

Please refer to the attached document at the top of this e-mail, "How to Select a Puppy," which will help you no matter which breeder may have the new BFF you want. Also, many of our puppies will be going to new homes in just a few days. The attachment, "Supplies for New Pup Owners" will help you plan for your new baby. Almost all of XANADU'S babies are eating Science Diet Puppy (either large breed or regular, depending on pup size). This is a well-balanced dry food and veterinarian recommended. If you choose to use a different food in the future, please transition over several weeks to prevent tummy upsets.

XANADU cannot board pups after puppy pick-up dates, so be sure to select a litter/puppy that you can take home when s/he is ready to become your new tot.
Thank you for considering a XANADU puppy. Remember that you are always welcome to contact us with any questions -- for the life of your dog. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but often can refer you to someone who is knowledgeable in that area. Please call (I do not text): 970 708-8030.

To qualify for ownership of a XANADU dog, excellent care of your new family member is required in the rearing of a loving, responsible, good furry-family- member: Love, exercise, training, a great diet, excellent vet care...Also required is that you LOVE your new puppy when you receive him/her. Your puppy is guaranteed to love you back.

My best to each one of you. Let us know if we can help you in your search for a new fur-kid family member.
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030