Thank you—each one of you—who have adopted a fall puppy and written to tell me what a fine doggie you have, whether Litter Pick, Pet Home, or Guardian. While ALL pups are supposed to be in their new homes now, just a few of my favorites remain to postpone my travel plans. 

However, I shall be traveling to the eastern slope this weekend, and I can deliver a puppy to your doorstep. These are puppies that I’ve fallen in love with, of course, and their photos and backgrounds follow. You are always welcome to call for more information.

Pup Alert  Newsletter
September 22nd, 2016
Take a look!

First, there is our little cream-colored Pomsky, Top Shelf. This little girl is a pale apricot/cream with dark-eyed with geisha eyeliner. Littermates sold for between 2-3 K, but Top Shelf is for sale for Best Offer—and usually that means first offer! This is an exceptionally nice female and unlike many Pomskies, not too bouncy and not barky. Top is so pretty, and expected to favor her sire, Ashoka, in coat—that is, fluffy and soft. She is fully guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and health. And you are guaranteed to love her, and she is guaranteed to love you. Her primary characteristic is “snuggle-bug.” House-training has begun, and Top Shelf can use a doggie door or newspaper. Please see first photos of this smallest pup in Enchante’s litter.

This second description with attached photos is of our Goberian Guardian pup from our no-to-low-shed litter, Café’ Ole’.  This little pup (from our “calmest” litter of the season) is Husky-marked, and her dark color is like coffee with a dash of cream. Her contrasting color is white. She has one green-hazel eye and one green & blue eye. This pup will be reduced shed and is VERY soft to the touch, so you want to pet her all the time. Her adult weight should be around 45 pounds. Photos generally feature her face, which appears to be (and is) just a bit darker and with more red, but her body really is café ole’ colored. This pup will have a 2-litter breeding agreement, unless her first litter is large; XANADU needs this pup’s alert, calmer, highly-trainable, and Husky/Wolfy-like colors in its future.

And our third Available Puppy is also a Guardian Goberian—who is “causing a firestorm” on a CA friend’s Facebook. Her name is Anise. Anise is very soft, blond, sweet—and forget everything else and look at those eyes! Be careful not to fall into all of that blue. Anise is magical, of course, and ALL of the puppies in this litter are magical. Very unusual heavily-outlined geisha eyes, for which XANADU breeds, smart, cuddly—no known problems. And like ALL XANADU puppies, fully guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and health, and in this case—magic. Anise will be about 45 + pounds as an adult and have a very soft, Husky-like coat. Available to qualifying Guardian home for $700 plus breeding agreement. Photos attached, and in the last photo, Anise is only 6-wk. old; other photos are current.

Please contact me about any of these three available puppies. XANADU’S home number is (970) 626-9747, and while my cell phone is on the fritz today, it should be working tomorrow and on my trip to the eastern slope-- 970 708-8030. With so few—and such excellent pups—at this time of year, please call to be first in line. I check email every few hours and less often when traveling.

Holly (parti-colored gold & white blue-eyed Cockapoo) and Champagne (apricot mini-Goldendoodle who carries blue eyes) will provide the best pups possible in XANADU’S Holiday Litter. Their photos are attached.

You are welcome to call me for more information. And thank you all. I wish you safe adventures, and like the puppies—I wish you happiness, genetic soundness, and great health,

Sheron Mariah and XANADU of the Rockies

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