We want to thank everyone for being so patient as we worked to re-design the Summer 2020 Workshop schedule. Classes and workshops are such a huge part of who we are and what makes the Art Club special. It is all of you that create this wonderful creative community. Below is a list of the remaining available workshops. A few that are included here are full, but with no one on the waitlist, so it's always worth a shot to sign up!

As we are all eager to get back and create together, your safety is our top priority. All tables and easels in the classroom will be set up 6 feet apart, and we are requiring that everyone wear a mask while inside the Club. Temperatures will be checked every morning.

Because of the ever-changing policies and rules, please be aware that in-person class size limits are subject to change.
Available Remaining
TO REGISTER, e-mail Abba Cudney at abba@providenceartclub.org
See below for registration and policies

Karen Murtha: 3-Day Workshop: Draped Model August 4-6
Frances Middendorf: Off-Site In the Footsteps of Sydney Burleigh 8/3, 8/7, 8/10, 8/14, 8/17, 8/21
Natalie Featherston: 3-Day Trompe l'oeil August 11-13
Thea Ernest: 3-Day Off-Site Plein Air Sketching August 11-13
Kevin Gilmore: 3-Day Workshop: Collage-Mixed Media-Abstract August 18-20
Mark Freedman: 3-Day Workshop: Painting the Industrial Landscape August 25-27
Sam Green & Bill Lane: 3-Day Off-Site Painting Outside in Providence September 1-3
Kelly McCullough: 3-Day Workshop: Copy of a Master Portrait September 8-10
Nick Paciorek: 3-Day Workshop: Advanced Color and Composition September 15-17

Open PAINT Studio (members only) -- Mondays, June 22-August 31, no class 8/10
Open PRINT Studio (for portfolio printers) Limited to 2 per day: Tuesdays-Fridays
9am-2pm, beginning June 23
Murtha 3-Day Draped Figure
Tuesday-Thursday, August 4-6
The Draped Figure
with Karen Murtha

In this course we will be using a spot lit model with the goal of learning to understand structure of the anatomy of the human figure. We will study the proportions and perspective to accomplish a correct rendering. Light and shadow will play an important part in defining the form. 
Drapery will add another level to your drawing, establishing how it lays on and contours to the body. Portraying the folds, creases and patterns or print of the fabric is a fun challenge. 

We begin with 5 to 10 minute poses to establish proportions, gesture and movement. As class progresses, the length of time will be extended to develop 
definition, edges and proper shading to establish the complete form. 

Some drawing experience is helpful but I encourage new artists, especially, to 
experience an actual model set up. Instructor assistance and digital examples will be provided.

Student should be comfortable with their favorite drawing materials. Options are: soft pencils, charcoal, or conte’ crayon. Pastels or paint for those more adventurous and best for long poses.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $350 member || $450 nonmember
About Karen: A Rhode Island School of Design graduate and artist member of the Providence Art Club, Providence RI., Karen is primarily a figurative painter and illustrator, working mainly with oil paints, but also watercolor and conte’ crayon. 
"Inspired, when young, by the beautiful paintings in my grandmother’s home, I began to paint, working in the classical tradition to capture the light, the architecture, and the human figure. In my quest to achieve authenticity, a personal expression was created of that beautiful illusion of the moment.
I am especially fascinated by the little vignettes of people in all kinds of situations.  I love the positions, gestures and movement, the true expression of the human form and the way they relate to one another. Within those interactions, relationships and the surroundings, a unique story is conveyed."
Middendorf Workshop in Little Compton:
In the Footsteps of Sydney Burleigh
Mondays: 9-12pm (8/3, 8/10, 8/17)
Fridays: 3-6pm (8/7, 8/14, 8/21)
In the Footsteps of Sydney Burleigh
with  Frances Middendorf
In the summer, Sydney Burleigh would come down to Little Compton and paint. His famous boat studio ‘Peggotty’ can still be seen at the historical society. We will paint with materials that Sydney Burleigh used: watercolor and gouache over pencil drawings on toned paper.

We can paint in the barn but weather permitting, we will frequent the spots where Burleigh painted - the farm fields, the cows, the beach, the old horse drawn carriages, the barns, and the windmill house.

Be sure to bring: lunch/snacks, beverages, portable easel, stool, painting supplies, bug spray, blankets, socks, sun glasses, and umbrella if you like.

There will be livestock of donkeys, horses, and cows -- so if you have allergies, this workshop isn't for you.

Location: Little Compton; exact location to be announced only to those who register.

Class size limit: 20p

Fee: $275

This very special workshop is for  members only , and is intended for seasoned artists.
A bathroom is available. :)
Frances Middendorf  has lived in Florence, has a studio in Umbria, and now resides in Rome and Rhode Island. She teaches drawing at the Rome Art Program in Rome, and has taught multiple classes at the Providence Art Club, including Drawing in the RISD Museum and Drawing in the World's Museums. Born in New York, Frances attended the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA), School of Visual Arts, NYC (MFA) and the New York Studio School. She is represented by the Denise Bibro Gallery in New York City.

Following a 15 year commercial art career working for clients such as the New York Times, Newsweek and the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center, Frances Middendorf continued her learning at the New York Studio School. She moved to Italy in 1997 to study with Nicolas Carone and decided to stay. Nicolas Carone (1917-2010) was an articulate describer of the teachings and tenants of Hans Hoffman as well as a friend to many Italian painters particularly Giorgio Morandi. By emphasizing “plasticity” or the link between surface tension and three dimensionality (Hoffman’s push-pull), Carone guided Frances’ painting from the narrative to the poetic.

Frances credits her knowledge of drawing to her artist and art collector father and to New York Sculptor/Painter Bruce Gagnier who illuminated Carone’s teachings with his love of art history, anatomy and pictorial movement.
Featherston 3-Day Trompe L'oeil
Tuesday-Thursday, August 11-13
Trompe L'oeil
with Natalie Featherston
This workshop will explore foundation oil painting skills through the genre of trompe l’oeil, where paintings deceive the eye by making a flat surface appear three-dimensional and hyper-realistic. We will discuss the history of the genre with a focus on subject and methods, and students will design, draw and paint their own trompe l’oeil pieces over the course of three days. This workshop is perfect for beginners with basic drawing skills who want to improve their handling of oil paint, or the more advanced artist who wants to refine their technique of rendering objects in a highly realistic manner.

What you’ll learn:
  • Valuable techniques such as how to transfer line drawings to panel with an oil transfer and how to prepare perfectly smooth oil ground panels for painting.
  • How to read the values in your subject for tonal accuracy to create the most convincing illusion of light and form in your paintings.
  • How to see edges accurately to create the most variety in your edge work and shadows, bringing visual power to your paintings.
  • Natalie’s accessible and easy to understand approach to color theory and capturing accurate colors can be easily implemented into your painting style, bringing your paintings even greater strength.
  • Explore your creativity designing your own composition and experience Natalie's enthusiasm as she shares her excitement about the essence, humor and whimsy of trompe l’oeil.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $250 member || $350 nonmember
Natalie Featherston is a contemporary realist painter specializing in trompe l’oeil- a French term meaning literally “to fool the eye”. Her work is inspired by the Dutch Masters and combined with a modern sensibility, where skill and execution of the painting pair with humor and whimsy. The Chicago Sun Times has described her paintings as, “Artful beyond just illusion and trickery, they are truly masterful still lifes made with both craft and wit.” Ms. Featherston’s paintings have received numerous awards from some of the most distinguished art organizations in the country, including the Art Renewal Center, the Salmagundi Club and the Catherine Lorillard Wolf Club. Her paintings have appeared in The Artist’s Magazine , American Art Collector , Southwest Art , and the Santa Fean Magazine to name but a few of the publications that have featured her work. Ms. Featherston is represented by fine art galleries across the country, and her paintings are sought after by notable collectors including Toni Morrison, Danielle Steele, J.J. Abrams, and Alice Cooper.

Natalie says, “What inspires me most is the creative voice, whimsy and humor trompe l’oeil allows the artist to express. Unlike portraits or landscape, still life doesn’t simply exist around us. You have to build the stage for the painting, selecting the color and textures. The end result draws the viewer in and connects with them in a meaningful way. This is why I’ve always found trompe l’oeil to be a challenge, and although it may qualify me as a one-trick-pony, I can’t imagine painting anything else.” 
Ernest 3-Day Plein Air Sketching (Off Site)
Tuesday-Thursday, August 11-13 9am-4pm
On the Spot
with Thea Ernest
Join Thea Ernest for 3 days of observing our surroundings and quick sketching what we see. This style of painting, heavily influenced by the Urban Sketchers movement, is a challenge and a pleasure. Sketching is a portable style needing very few materials. It is a way to document where you are and to share that view with others. Students must be ready to work in haste, make mistakes, and be daring. No erasers allowed!

This class is suitable for all levels of drawing experience. If you are new to watercolors, I am recommending student grade materials and paper that is not “precious”. This class is about practicing a new technique.

Our class will take place outdoors and indoors, as weather permits. We will be moving from place to place during the day, walking up and down hills and steps in the city. Some subject areas may be views from the PVD pedestrian bridge, an urban farm or an active construction site. Providence has so much to choose from!

Class size limit: 10

Fee: $200 member & nonmember
Thea Ernest is a RISD grad (’87 J&M) who lately has fallen in love with color. After taking snapshots for years, and carefully seeing her surroundings through an iPhone screen, she found a way to capture scenes quickly by hand. Heavily influenced by the Urban Sketchers movement, she has been painting quick daily images of her surroundings with only fountain pen and watercolors.
Gilmore 3-Day Collage Techniques,
Mixed Media & Abstract Painting
Tuesday-Thursday, August 18-20 9am-3pm
Collage Techniques, Mixed Media & Abstract Painting
with  Kevin Gilmore

Learn how to prepare substrates, create new collage papers, and apply collage materials using different techniques on canvas and a variety of surfaces. During class critiques, we will focus on composition and color-two important formal elements of abstract painting that lead to compelling and successful works of art. Through both one-on-one instruction and demonstrations, artists will broaden their creative processes, and expand their knowledge of creating exciting compositions with accessible materials. This class can also include representational artwork.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $300 member || $400 nonmember
Kevin Gilmore  is an interdisciplinary artist, working as a painter, experimental sound composer, and educator. Originally from Rhode Island he spent over a decade exploring the landscapes of Wyoming, Oregon, Italy, and Brooklyn. As an abstract visual artist working with collage, acrylic and oils, the sense of place becomes the subject of his abstract canvases. Gilmore works with sound as a medium, composing experimental soundscapes from field recordings, acousmatics through contact microphones, digital instruments and analogue synthesizers. His teaching philosophy has developed through a similar intuitive process, with experience leading workshops and teaching undergraduate art classes. After starting a family in NYC, Kevin returned to his native state... as Rhode Islanders often do. His interdisciplinary art practice is located close to the sea where he also lives with his wife, two children and his dog.
Freedman 3-Day Urban Landscape Painting-
Waitlist Only (No One Currently on the Waitlist)
Tuesday-Thursday, August 25-27
Urban Landscape Painting
with Mark Freedman
"I would like to share with people my vision of the modern urban environment, including open industrial spaces and their relationships to more densely populated areas. Urban landscape is a broadly termed genre. This class will be flexible enough to reflect and respect that. I look forward to instructing and working with people regardless of their proficiency and experience."

Materials: Oil and acrylic paints are equally acceptable because I know that some people are sensitive to the
chemicals associated with oil painting. Charcoal, pastels, and watercolors are fine but the emphasis is on oil/acrylic. Canvas and wood are the preferred surfaces, however I try to be open minded about
what people want to use.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $300 member || $400 nonmember
"The urban environment possesses a unique ability to capture and hold light. There is a story in every image that I’ve rendered no matter how minor or cryptic. The beauty of our cities is sometimes obvious, but many more times, ironic. Love? Hate? For me, yes.

I love to paint cities. I love to paint the transportation systems that get us to and around the cities."
Green & Lane 3-Day Workshop
Painting Outside in Providence
Waitlist Only (No One Currently on the Waitlist)
Tuesday-Thursday, September 1-3
Painting Outside in Providence
with Sam Allerton Green and Bill Lane
Take your painting skills outside and learn the logistics of painting plein air with Providence Art Club teachers Sam Green and Bill Lane. They will guide you through the fun (and frustrations) of working outside during this 3-day workshop. All painting locations will be walkable from the Club so that you will have access to parking, bathrooms, food and respite.

Medium: Any and all types. Sam will be painting in oils and Bill in watercolor but please paint in the medium that suits you best. This workshop is not about the medium, although they’ll address the nuances of oils and watercolors during their demos, it’s about painting outside !

In late July (date to be announced), they will offer an afternoon “Meet & Greet” at the Club to review equipment and discuss your materials for successful outside painting. This should give you plenty of time to secure any missing items for our 3-day workshop in September.

Class size limit: 12p

Fee: $400 member || $500 nonmember
Sam Allerton Green paints often, both inside and outside. The majority of his work is done plein air, on site, in a single session. This forces him to focus on capturing what it feels like to be there, rather than simply replicating what he sees.

Sam grew up in Providence, and studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has been an artist in residence at The Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore, MD, and the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.
Bill Lane
Artist Statement:
"Everyday scenes from life intrigue me the most; be it a barren skyline, boats at the dock or city life on a busy day. I observe how the light plays into the scene and dances off the subjects. Because of this, I always work light to dark, saving those light values for the “sweet” spots in the painting." 
McCullough 3-Day Copy of a Master Portrait
Tuesday-Thursday, September 8-10
Copy of a Master Portrait
with Kelly McCullough

Copy a favorite master portrait of your choice in this informative three day workshop. Think Rembrandt, Vermeer, Cassatt, Freud, Kahlo...the options are endless, just choose a portrait that inspires you! 
Recreating a painting is a valuable exercise for artists of all levels to discover new techniques and improve their skills. During this workshop Kelly will explain and demonstrate tools such as the "Sight-Size Method", the four color flesh palette, the plum line and using a mirror to help the student create their own beautiful version of a master portrait. 

(More details on size of image to work from, etc after registration). 

*All materials are welcome* 

For painters: Oil Paint is best, or acrylic if preferred;
Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black, Cadmium Red, Titanium White
Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue (these colors are recommended but not required) 
Email Kelly if you want to use paint colors you already have. We can design a comparable palette. 

Palette, Brushes of varied sizes, Gamsol
A more detailed list will be sent after registration. 

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $300 member || $400 nonmember
"In philosophy, systems theory and the sciences, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity or relatively simple interactions. To come forth into view as if from obscurity, a ship emerging from the fog. To watch a painting emerge from the canvas through a series of seemingly haphazard brush strokes, vague and ghostly at first, precise and refined at the finish is a magical experience.
It is important not to overwork, or “kill” a painting. The work that is met with the strongest response is often that which seemed to happen on its own with minimal conscious effort on my part. This can be frustrating when a belabored work goes unnoticed while one that took little time and effort is praised and admired. I have to constantly remind myself to get out of my own way and allow the painting to emerge. The technique I use when painting is called site-size. This tradition extends back through the French and British Schools to masters such as Titian, Rubens, Van Dyck and Velázquez. Its ultimate source lies in the theory and practice of Leonardo da Vinci. I studied this classical method in Florence, Italy, at the Charles Cecil Studios for 4 years and it changed my approach to painting and drawing. Site-size is a means of accurately representing nature while maintaining a loose and naturalistic quality in the work."
Paciorek 3-Day Advanced Color Theory
Tuesday-Thursday, September 15-17
Advanced Color Theory
with Nick Paciorek

This workshop is an expansion on Nick's previous "Color Theory Workshop",
a prerequisite for this class.

We will explore the use of color and composition.This workshop is for anyone that works with color in their profession. Painters, sculptor, interior designers, landscape designers, graphic designers etc. We will explore color and how color works in a composition. 

Prerequisite: Color Theory (taken any year)
Please contact Nick if you have any questions concerning the prerequisite.

(Please do not purchase another Color Aid set if you already have one)

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $300 member || $400 nonmember
About Nick:  Chicago – the city, its colors, shapes and sounds – shaped young Nick Paciorek's world and brought him where he is today: a renowned artist whose work is seen from coast to coast.

As a teenager, Paciorek spent countless hours at art exhibits. He continually returned to his favorite, an Impressionism collection at a museum in downtown Chicago, impacted by the ability of an artist to control the world on canvas simply through color choice. It was then that Matisse became Paciorek's central influence.

As an artist, Paciorek aligns himself with a new generation of Fauvists. He uses broad strokes of brilliant color for their emotional impact.
Each of his pieces is a celebration of light and color, a vivid interpretation of his subjects. For him, choosing the exact combination of hues for each painting is foremost.
Monday Open PAINT Studio
Mondays, June 22-August 31
no class 8/10
Carol Beagan & Catherine McKinnon

In this open studio, participants are encouraged to work independently in a supportive environment. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in creative interaction by sharing new ideas and techniques. Artists of all levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class size limit: 12

Fee: $45 members only
Detail from painting by Dora Atwater Millikin
Open PRINT Studio
Tuesdays-Fridays, June 23-September 18
Open Print Studio (for portfolio printers)
Enjoy using the print room with minimal instruction as needed. Come once or more often as the schedule allows.

 Please note : There will be a limit of 2 printers per day. Please email abba@providenceartclub.org in advance to sign up for a day.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Class size limit: 2

members only
Register by emailing Abba Cudney at abba@providenceartclub.org

Workshop Enrollment
Workshop size is limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Providence Art Club members will have the first opportunity to enroll. If enrollment maximum is reached, you may add your name to a wait list. The Art Club strives to provide the highest quality art classes in various media.
Cancellation Policy
+ In the event you are unable to attend a workshop you have registered for, please contact Abba Cudney
+ The Providence Art Club may find it necessary to cancel a workshop due to low enrollment or other scheduling conflicts. If this occurs, registered members will be contacted and refunded the full course fee.
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Providence Art Club 11 Thomas Street Providence RI 02903
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