~ Avatars of Living Light ~

Master Christos Collective Khunda (Rainbow) Ray Crystal Re-Encryptions, Upgrades & Activations Ascension Project
Astral Heart Clearing and Upgrade
to Rectified Blue Ray Diamond Christ-All
Lotus Higher Heart
with Michelle Manders

This is an opportunity for those of us who know in every fibre of our being we are Crystal (Christ-All) Beings here to Guard and do our part in rehabilitating the damaged Crystal Grids, and most importantly, the damaged Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. We are being called to embark upon a powerful inner journey of unveiling and permanent healing.

It is the unveiling of the authentic self beyond the weight of the fake world we are waking up to. This is a journey into another world, a world containing our undefiled, incorruptible Divine Truth that we as yet have not connected with, stored within the Living BLUEprint of our Higher Heart. Every day we are presented with a new cycle of reconnecting with the sacredness of our authentic, authentic self and therefore our pure, undefiled, incorruptible Holy Self. It is time now for a whole new connection to be established through the Diamond Christ-All Living Lotus of our Divine Mother. In other words Her Highest Heart Note Code - the sound of the Divine Mother's Highest Heart Vibration speaking to us, which is picked up and decoded by our Higher Heart Note Code. This is a form of energetic voice recognition built into us to recognize the Voice and Heartbeat of our True Mother.

As a planetary consciousness we are now elevating our entire BLUEprint for living to embody the Higher Heart Note Tone and Code, which is the Higher Heart Rectified Blue Ray of Holy and Divine Mother. This is one of the three flames that make up the threefold flame of God Sovereign Free - Law of One Living. The Living Law of One is awakening at an accelerated rate wihin all living beings, therefore, let us ensure we are clear and pure sufficietly within ourselves so that we can serve those who shall come to know the magnificence of their Divine Truth as the Full Awakening unfolds.

The Planetary Base Chakra points across Mother Earth’s body, including our own, is of primary focus at the moment as we clear out the abusive, traumatic, shocking and devastating programmes stored within the Base Line Foundation of our planet and our bodies,which keeps our Living Christ-All (Crystal) Lightbody dormant and infected. This Base Line Foundation is the base of our life, the foundation upon which we build our lives, trust life and the chakra in our body that earth’s us to this planet. It also impacts our Living Christ-All Lightbody immensely.

We as Crystal (Christ-All Guardians) are being pushed beyond measure to look within, to go within and to understand the purpose of our light, the purpose of the creation of our lives and how we can best live it, experience it and deal with whatever happens during those cycles from a pure Higher Heart-Based space within ourselves.

The Crystal Heart of our planet is located in Giza, Cairo, Egypt. I began working on the Egyptian Crystal Heart and Crystal Planetary Grids for the first time in 2005 and have since travelled to Egypt eight times covering all areas of the country, as well as working the Grids in Dubai, Jordan and Israel between 2006 and 2015. I have conducted extensive Planetary Grid work with my group throughout the entire Middle East belt in fact, and now, once again we are engaging with the new energy frequencies as we activate and lay down an entirely new BLUEprint for God Sovereign Free living for all of us and re-seeding this Living (organic) Light back into Mother Earth. We are StarSEEDERS, StarSEEDS and Indigo Ray beings who have incarnated at this crucial time to ensure the devastating HIStory (misogynistic patriarchal system) does NOT repeat itself, in other words a repeat of the downfall of Atlantis. Those same Black Magicians responsible for the Crystal Grid explosions that destroyed Atlantis have been doing everything in their power to lead us in this time line energetically down that line again. This is the OFFICIAL onset of laying ALL ORGANIC INTELLIGENCE Grids and Architecture to replace Artificial Intelligence and prevent the Black Magicians from Atlantis from getting their way in our future timelines.

We are therefore actively installing all the Living Light Organic Programmes replacing all inorganic architecture in and on our planet so that during 2020 – 2022 we will have accomplished out Divine Mission of ensuring Organic Intelligence (OI) replace Atirfical Intelligence (AI), or at least PREVENT AI from becoming the ruling intelligence on Earth. December 2022 to December 2024 is another major window preparing for the massive disclosures that will be happening at accelerated rates leading up to the 2030 – 2033 Ascension Gates opening. We MUST act NOW!

Our journey now working with the Middle East once again is for the purpose of setting free a number of Star Gate energies and Soul Group Grids that were hijacked and damaged during the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion some 10 000 years ago and all the trauma, abuse and violence since then that has inflicted massive pain upon the Earth. All of these areas that are now ready for full rehabilitation, which includes the 2D (Israel) and 3D (Johannesburg) Stargates can begin in this new frequency.

This project is opening the HIGHER HEART NOTE CODES of the LIVING DIAMOND LOTUS inside of our Thymus Gland activating some very deep and super powerful shifts within our astral heart space, and therefore our relationship spaces too. This is not something to turn away from. We must now reconcile our differences, forgive and move forward. Moving forward does necessarily mean we need the past to move forward with us. This is about cleaning up our acts AND our backyards and moving forward MINUS all the past baggage. Where we are heading the load is LIGHT. 

This event is being presented over 3 mornings and is NOT a live event due to the technical inteference we usually encounter. Registration is however required for NON-COMMUNITY members to ensure you get your copy of the event immediatley after I have conducted it. This project as a whole is an on-going monthly event. You can choose to join every month if it resonates with you. Look out for monthly releases on the events coming up.

During the 3 days of this event we will be initiating the full project energies which will unfold over approximately 12 weeks (3 months), and consists of :

  • Master Christos Collective - New Frequency Wave Introduction
  • Planetary Kunda Ray Downloads and further Krystal Kaskade Diamond Lotus Rainbow Architecture Downloads and Anchoring into the hologram.
  • Further rehabilitation and upgrades to the Great White Lion Grid.
  • Reclaiming the Living Light Soul and Diamond Krystal Higher Heart of the Holy and Divine Mother of our Good God Principle in the Middle East.
  • 4D Giza/Egypt Star Gate Repairs continue as more inorganic Blackened (Anubian) Heart Consciousness is transited out of embodiment, enslavement, impalement and imprisonment.
  • Iran/Iraq 10D Star Gate Repairs and Massive Soul Rescue Missions begin.
  • Contingency plans implemented and initiated – Prevention of further Stargate attack, detaining all responsible.
  • Galactic Federation of God Sovereign Free Races and Groups implement measures to speed up full disclosure as more people awaken to the God Sovereign Free Truth Waves saturating planet earth. Better understanding of what this is.
  • Healing fallen Family of Michael (Archangel Michael) damage and reversals in our personal bloodline and Mother Earth's Consciousness history.
  • This is a healing journey, one that not only heals the Middle East and it's darkened hearts, but our own "inner middle east" too will be healed. 
  • Downloading, anchoring in and remembering how to FULLY EMBODY The Diamond Christ-all Living Lotus Higher Heart Note Codes of The Holy and Divine Mother of our Good God principle and anchoring these in Cairo, Egypt so as to spread throughout the entire Middle East Belt and down the spine of Africa, this is activating the Living Light of the Living Spine of Albion and White Lion Grid. (Setting up Rehabilitation Grids for January to June 2019)
  • Each participant is being coded and inner-directed to act on their inherent Good God-Intelligence and invite the Living Crystal (Christ-All) Light to come alive fully and completely from within their being.
  • Activating full Avatar Body Intelligence through the Rectified Blue Ray Higher Heart of Holy and Divine Mother.
  • Setting up the Living Light Inetrface Stations Geographicvally through each participant. 

Loads more always comes through on each day's events and promises to be mind-blowing in the most positive ways.
Please bear in mind that this Ascension Project as a whole working with the Middle East will unfold over a peropd of a few months as a whole, usually 12 weeks, however you are able to participate on a monthly basis in accordance with how you resonate with our theme and the energies should you prefer it.

Date : 27, 28 and 29th of April 2018 (We'll also be working with the powerful full Moon in Scorpio energies for the 3-days of the event. Full Moon is 29 April 2018)
Time : This is not a live event, however your copy of the day's event will be sent to you as soon as we have completed it. If you DON'T pay monthly membership, please be sure to register if you want the Mp3 delivered straight to your inbox on each day.
Energy Exchange: Non-Community Members - $122 and includes a minimum of 9 hours of content as well as an accompanying workbook containing additional information including guided visualizations and soul-reflection exercises to support the releasing of the old energies and integrating the new frequencies safely.
Crystal Guardians (Old 99 Re-encryption Codes Group) - EVENT FREE!
Community Members not participating in the old 99 Re-Encryptions Codes Group - You have received a 25% discount coupon in your inbox already.

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As we delve deeper into our listeners questions and following on with my shifts in between chats every week, I am delighted to report that the shifts truly are organic and dynamic, showing us clearly who and what we are and who and what we are not! I am de-LIGHTED to be sharing my deeper awakened self with you! GodMuStay - "I see our Good God in you and invite the Goodness of God to Stay" - From our projects - Sacred Chronicles of Aurora - Chapter two - "Why Religion Must Go and God Must Stay."

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By popular request we now have our proposed itineraries for 2018 - 2020 outlined and awaiting final costing on them!

If you feel the call to travel with Sean and I to conduct the much needed Planetary and Crystal Grid Rehabilitation and Upgrade work, then please make a note of our proposed dates and begin stocking up your piggy bank. Detailed itineraries with exact dates will be published within the next week!

October 2018 - Adams Calendar, White Lions, Kruger Park Region, Cape Town, Plettenburg Bay and Johannesburg, South Africa.

December 2018 - Iceland

February 2019 - Egypt and Israel

June 2019 - England and Ireland

September 2019 - France

January 2020 - Into the Light - Costa Rica

April 2020 - Namibia and Zimbabwe

December 2020 - Peru and Bolivia