Get the fastening durability you need with a lightweight
and more environmentally friendly nylon tie!
Available in 7" or 11" lengths, these ties are less costly and the more sustainable choice when compared to standard solid ties. 
What differentiates this tie from standard solid ties?
  • Ladder design uses 60% less material than solid cable ties in the same length, reducing waste in landfills
  • Ladder design uses less material making it lighter weight, reducing shipping weight by 17% when shipping a case
  • Manufactured with as much as 40% re-grinded plastic, helping to improve sustainability efforts
  • Avery Dennison's stretch technology allows them to offer this tie at economical pricing
  • A popular and widely used tie that is always in stock!
  • Avery Dennison engineers a full line of fasteners to help keep, wires, cables and components quiet and secure. High quality polymers and added ergonomic performance designs help improve installation efficiencies and work in hard to reach places for a variety of fastening applications. Avery Dennison fasteners meet many OEM specifications.
  • Help position, secure and locate wires, hoses, cables and connectors throughout a vehicles component systems.
  • TS-16949 certified for automotive applications
  • Head block, strap with rails, fir tree and weld stud fastener styles
  •  Comes in various screw mount styles
  • Feature portion secures the cable tie and bundling
  • Made from high quality polymers to help withstand extreme heat, weather and vibrations
  • Helps secure cables and wiring into place
  • Allows for accurate placement
  • Prevents noise and vibration
  • AVERY DENNISON'S range of hole ties with fir tree designs provide a variety solutions for automotive fastening applications. The fir tree features allow manufacturers to mount and secure wire bundles to punched or threaded holes, and the disk portion provides adequate tension between the panels to prevent noise and vibration. To accelerate installation speeds, the fluted edges lock into panel holes the same way a pawl locks into strap teeth.
Secure and position cables and wiring in automotive applications.
  • Secure, one piece harness
  • Withstands operating temperatures from 40°F to 240°F (-40°C to 115°C)
  • Stability of harness
  • Four-way tie insertion helps speed assembly
  • Cable ties slide easily into mounts
  • High impact and tensile strength.
Easily applied, these cable ties help keep cables and wiring secure and properly positioned in automotive under-hood, interior and powertrain applications.
Helps secure electrical connectors where inner vehicle wire routing is a challenge.
  • Adaptable slot feature to meet connector mounting needs
  • Available in high temperature-resistance materials
  • Eliminates the need for two piece fastening methods
  • Added versatility for wire routing placement
  • Fits a wide range of wire harness diameters
  • No punched hole or bracket required
  • Improves assembly efficiency
  • Made especially for automotive wire harness management, AVERY DENNISON'S single piece T-Slot connector ties are designed to fasten easily and help prevent rattling and loosening of parts. These single piece connectors help make it easy to affix an electrical connector to a wide range of wire harness diameters. This lightweight, portable alternative to common fastening methods requires a fir tree clip and panel hole or bracket to mount correctly.
Hook and loop fasteners in several types, sizes and custom cut to length rolls.
AVERY DENNISON   offers many innovative products including highly advanced stretching technology. Using this technology, they continue to produce strong, flexible, light-weight and economical fastener products.

AVERY DENNISON'S   quality system is committed to exceeding industry standards set by ISO/TS, UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) and Military Specifications. Their efforts in this regard have earned us several prestigious quality certifications such as Ford's Q' and Chrysler's Self Certifications. They are committed to making continuous improvements in all our products to insure that you will always have access to the highest quality cable tie capabilities available anywhere.

The Fastener Division offers many innovative products including: Super Bar-Lok, Ladder Tie, Secure-a-Tie, Secure-a-Seal, all of which take advantage of Avery Dennison's highly advanced stretching technology. Using this technology, we continue to produce strong, flexible, light-weight and economical products unmatched by competitors.


AVERY DENNISON  designs and delivers pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes, engineered fasteners, films and labeling materials for custom applications for the automotive industry.

The continuous drive is to provide our customers with smarter, more effective and more sustainable solutions by offering a complete automotive package for interior, exterior, underhood and powertrain applications. We leverage our technological expertise to engineer custom solutions to a constantly growing variety of automotive industry challenges.
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