February 22, 2023

Aviara Presidents Day Results and the Players Cup Update

Presidents Day Event at Aviara Golf Club

There were a lot of comments about the greens at Aviara. They were slower than normal and many found themselves giving the hole a bit too much respect and not getting the ball anywhere near it. Then, by the time late afternoon rolled around, some (only some) seemed to be rolling faster; the ball definitely got to the hole, but if it didn't go in, well...it just kept going! Combine the speed issues with the undulations and it was quite challenging.

The course itself was in great shape; fairways were definitely rolling hard and fast. There were some tight lies out there at times!

And a thank you to Stacey Hayashi for putting it all together for us.

Game of the day: We had 47 members playing a fun Team Presidents Game in which Holes 1-3, the team score was 2 Best Net, 1 Best Gross; Holes 4-6 was 3 Best Net; Holes 7-9 was 3 Best Net and 1 Best Gross; Holes 10-12 was 2 Best Net; Holes 13-15 was 3 Best Net and 1 Best Gross; and Holes 16-18 was 2 Best Net. This format allows everyone to play her own ball the entire round.

We had two flights. The 1st Place winners received $20 Golfmart Gift Cards and 2nd Place winners received $10 Golfmart Gift Cards

Flight 1
1st place - Rachel Hunter, Deb Finlon, Katy Wright and Jessie Smith with a +6 to par
2nd place - Karen Bridges, Nancy Mason, Bethany Spencer and Soo Lee with a +7 to par

Flight 2
1st place - Janet Wright, Meiner Heilbrun, Renee Woods and Michelle Schmidt as a blind draw (who just so happened to have a great day!) with a +5 to par
2nd place - Rebecca Bolander-Sacco, Tina Fletcher, Susan Crawford and Melissa Bright with a +13 to par

CTTP Hole #3
Flight 1 Jessie Smith
Flight 2 Adrienne Acre
Flight 3 Lisa Schmidt

CTTP #11
Flight 1 Nancy Mason
Flight 2 Katy Wright
Flight 2 Julie Smith-Meek


Special Mention to ROBIN BANNER who shot a 78!!
Players Cup Update after New Years Day at Steele Canyon and
Superbowl at RBI Events
The following summaries are for the first, three events of our 2023 season. We've already provided the results from The Crossings separately. The charts below provide details from the RBI Superbowl and New Years Day at Steele events while the Gross Division and Net Division rankings are cumulative through all three events.

GROSS DIVISION: Kim Greco's win of Low Gross at Steele Canyon with a 79 vaulted her to the top of the Low Gross Division leaderboard while Bethany Selan, with her Low Gross win at RBI and 3rd place finish at Steele Canyon put her on the Leaderboard, tied for 2nd with Nan Circo. Cindy Mason held steady in 4th place.

NET DIVISION: This is a great week for Kim Greco who is also sitting at the top of the Net leaderboard by also winning Low Net at Steele Canyon with her 79! And making her appearance on the leaderboard in 2nd place we've got Jax Jacquez with her solid win of a Low Net win of 69 at RBI. Not far behind Jax is Chris Shorkey with a great day at both Steele Canyon (coming in 2nd) and at RBI, the event in which she is event Captain, shooting a solid round taking 3rd place low net.

The year is still young, with only 4 events having been played at this time. Aviara results, not included here, will come out shortly.

There is still time for players interested in participating in either the Low Net or Low Gross, or both divisions. Cut-off for registration will be next Tuesday, 2/28/23. This allows anyone joining now to have plenty of events/opportunities to earn some points.

As you can see, the top of the leaderboard is a bit congested. There is no one clear runaway winner in either division. Plenty of time to vault yourself to the top by entering into some events.

So, if you are interested, please join. The next event will be Arrowood on March 12th.
Fun Pics from Aviara
Lois Spence, Lisa Schmidt (Flight 3 Winner of CTTP Hole #3), Pam Pongratz and Adrienne Acre (Flight 2 winner of CTTP Hole #3)
This group had it going on !!!

Soo Lee, Karen Bridges, Nancy Mason (Flight 1 CTTP winner on Hole #11)
and (a BIG WELCOME to new member) Bethany Spencer
Flight 1 - 2nd Place Presidents Game Winners

Robin Banner (2nd Low Gross of the Day), Stacey Hayashi,
Christine Shimasaki and Nan Circo

Katy Wright, Flight 2 CTTP Winner of Hole #11

Lisa Schmidt, Flight 3 Winner CTTP on Hole #3

Cathy Wright very festively and presidentially dressed!

Maria de Lourdes Barroso (welcome back Maria!) and Paula Smith happy to be playing in this beautiful weather

Suzanne LaTour and Ashley Riggs-Zeigen with beautiful presidential smiles showing off their red, white and blue

Pam Pongratz so happy that a putt went down into the hole on the first try! Or was it a chip in? Just about the only way to get it to go in!!!

19th Hole Activities - All Presidents do this
Paula Smith, Meinir Heilbrun, Adrienne Acre, Kim Greco, Jax Jacquez,
Lois Spence and Karen Bridges

Lisa Schmidt, Lois Spence, Jax Jaxquez Kim Greco, Adrienne Acre and
Karen Bridges being a bit goofy

And that's a wrap

Thank you to Stacey Hayashi for organizing this fun event.

Next up is Arrowood on March 12th!