Tips to Avoid Aches and Pains While Gardening

Common gardening activities, such as digging, planting, weeding, mulching, and raking can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints.

The following tips can help you minimize these aches and pains:

1. Get moving before you garden.

A 10-minute brisk walk and stretches for the spine and limbs are good ways to warm up.

2. Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness or cramping.

Be aware of how your body feels as you work in your garden. If a part of your body starts to ache, take a break, stretch that body part in the opposite direction it was in, or switch to a different gardening activity. For example, if you've been leaning forward for more than a few minutes, and your back starts to ache, slowly stand up, and gently lean backward a few times.

3. Use a garden cart or wheelbarrow to move heavy planting materials or tools.

Lift with your knees and use good posture while moving a cart or wheelbarrow.

4. Give your knees a break.

Use knee pads or a gardening pad. If kneeling or leaning down to the ground causes significant pain in your back or knees, consider using elevated planters to do your gardening. If kneeling on both knees causes discomfort in your back, try kneeling on one and keep the other foot on the ground.

5. Maintain good posture.

Use good body mechanics when you pick something up or pull on something, such as a weed. Bend your knees, tighten your abdominals, and keep your back straight as you lift or pull things. Avoid twisting your spine or knees when moving things to the side; instead, move your feet or pivot on your toes to turn your full body as one unit.

6. Take breaks.

If you haven't done gardening or other yard work in a while, plan to work in short stints, building in time for breaks before you start feeling aches and pains.

7. Keep moving after you garden.

End your gardening session with some gentle backward bending of your low back, a short walk and light stretching, similar to stretches done before starting.

If your aches and pains aren't managed with these tips and discomfort lingers, your PT at CTS can help - 858-457-8419
We're excited to celebrate Occupational Therapy Month!

Occupational Therapy uses a holistic approach to help patients perform daily tasks and everyday routines more easily. "Occupations" refer to anything we do daily that "occupies" our time. This may include getting dressed, preparing food, organizing a bag, holding a pencil, writing, etc. Our daily occupations give meaning and purpose to our life and have direct influence on our health and wellbeing.

CTS is proud to offer these services with our Occupational Therapist, Candice!

Candice is an OT specializing in women's pelvic health and lymphedema. Her approach honors the body's innate wisdom to heal, carefully considering your physical, emotional, energetic bodies and environment for complete holistic care.

In a typical OT appointment, Candice will assess your daily habits, routines, physical body and thoughts that may be hindering your occupations. Her mission is to support you in achieving harmony in your body and empowerment throughout your life.

Follow Candice @rootedwomenshealth to learn more about her incredible approach to wellness, and give us a call to schedule your appointment with Candice today! 858-457-8419 📞
Do you suffer from chronic pelvic pain? Pain with intercourse?
Interstitial Cystitis (IC)? Pelvic floor dysfunction?

Our Women's Pelvic Pain Support Group is postponed this month. Check back in May for upcoming meetings!

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CTS Move of the Month - April 2022:
Upward Salute into Half Forward Fold
This two-part pose, demonstrated by PT Aide Lukas, helps stretch and lengthen the entire body and align the spinal column. It's a great way to prepare the body for yoga practice, create space in the chest and lungs, improve digestion and relieve anxiety and fatigue.

🔹 Stand with feet forward and rooted into the ground

🔹 Your shoulders, hips, and knees should be aligned

🔹 Inhale and bring your arms upward with palms facing each other

🔹 Practice gentle inhale and exhale


🔹 From the upward salute pose, bend forward while leading from the chest

🔹 Lengthen your spine and bring your hands to a yoga block or to the ground

🔹 Take 5 deep breaths and feel the elongation of your muscles / (858) 457-8419 / Open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm