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Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits with Campground Immunity
ARVC working to pass new immunity law in states across the country

Accidents happen at campgrounds all the time. It's just part of camping.  It's what happens after an accident that can be a body blow to you and the future of your campground. Frivolous lawsuits happen with regularity all across the country and ARVC is focused on providing a solution for all our members by fighting hard for campground immunity laws like the one successfully passed by the Wisconsin State Legislature in 2016.
Applications Now Being Accepted for New 20 Group
Current 20 Group Member Describes the Value as "Priceless!"

A major benefit to being an ARVC member is the opportunity to join a 20 Group and share in the knowledge, best practices and camaraderie the 20 Groups embody.
"There is so much to learn from fellow  managers and owners that you really can't put a value to it," says Joe Moore, CPO, OHP, owner of Moore's Campground Consulting and member of 20 Group IV. " From visiting other campgrounds around the country to having  your campground professionally critiqued in a constructive  manner, the list is endless as to what a campground gains once  it joins a group."
Leverage Your Brand For Employee Recruitment
OHCE Session: Tips for Hiring The Best Seasonal Employees

This year at OHCE we are offering new classes with new experts, like  Ashley Church and Dean Geracimos, who will teach you the best ways to hire and retain quality, engaged seasonal employees who represent your brand in every aspect of guest service. T ake home tips you can immediately put to use from this and the other 45+ sessions at OHCE in November. Don't miss all the networking, camaraderie and learning opportunities!  REGISTER TODAY!
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What is NFPA 1194, And Why Is It So Important?
From dealing with local inspectors to zoning boards,  the NFPA 1194 Standard for RV Parks and Campgrounds can be an invaluable tool. ARVC is here to help you learn the standard so you have it at the ready when you need it most! LEARN MORE ABOUT NFPA 1194

Helping Save the Environment, One Park at a Time!
RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE. Does that sound like your park? Your park may be eligible to participate in the ARVC Plan-It Green Friendly Park program.  This program is free to our members.   BECOME A PLAN-IT GREEN FRIENDLY PARK TODAY!
Upcoming Events:

[EDUCATION] National School of RV Park and Campground Management
July 22-27  /  Denver, CO
A program designed to equip you with the tools you need to improve or develop a thriving campground business. Register before tomorrow and receive two (2) FREE online classes of your choice (up to a $180 value). LEARN MORE OR ENROLL NOW!