In this email, we share our expert tips and guidance to help you make sure your next renovation project is a success!

Keep reading for our TOP 3 mistakes to avoid for getting the most out of your remodel.
MISTAKE #1: Opting for the Contractor with the Lowest Bid

Do your due diligence before hiring a contractor. Interview at least two, and ask them for references, ideally from a recent client.

Some contractors will provide a low bid simply to win the job, but then often end up ordering lower quality products or invoicing you with a bunch of change orders throughout the project.
*Note: that's not to say there won't be unexpected additional expenses, even with the most experienced of contractors...that is actually normal and many contractors say you should factor in a cushion of 15% of the total project cost.

Your project proposal should include a detailed description, breakdown of each phase of the project with material and labor costs, as well as a breakdown of the investment disbursement.

Be wary of contractors who give you a "ballpark" figure that is much lower than other prices you've been quoted. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Finally, make sure you're hiring someone who offers a solid warranty. (Ask us about our Bordeaux 10/2/2 Warranty!)
MISTAKE #2: Not Considering Different Materials

Try not to get stuck on what your friend or neighbor told you is best when making selections for your remodeling project. The court of public opinion may say you should go with granite countertops or hardwood floors, but there are many fantastic alternatives, and it's important to consider whether certain materials support your lifestyle.

For example, if you have pets, look into the possibility of laminate wood floors rather than hardwood, which can get scratched up by Fido quickly. We recently installed a gorgeous tile floor in our clients' guest home (shown below). It has all the aesthetic appeal of hardwood, but at a lower pricepoint.
MISTAKE #3: Getting Too Caught Up in Trends

Sure, design trends are fun and may seem tempting to follow, but there is a life cycle to them, meaning they'll come and go.

We encourage our clients to look at the big picture when planning a remodel. Ask yourself questions like, "Do I plan to live in this home forever, or will I consider selling in the future?"

These questions can be crucial. During the design process, pay special attention to the qualities of your bathroom, kitchen, or master bedroom that will lend itself to a strong re-sale value.

White kitchens are a fantastic choice; they seem to stand the test of time from a trend perspective, but can still be quite versatile.
We hope these tips provided value, and will help you gain confidence in moving forward with your next remodel project!

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