You Learn Completely New Information...

Before Our Seminar             After Our Seminar

"I have previously received social media training from various presenters at different conferences. The information was helpful in addressing emerging social media communication and legal issues."

Police Chief Brian Kniskern
"This social media course was much more detailed than my previous training. The depth of the material and strategies was amazing. Hearing the conversations, I think Mark woke-up a lot of chiefs."

Police Chief Brian Kniskern
"I felt my previous training was good regarding social media, and I can get updates at conferences."

Christian Antunez, Employee
"This class really opened my eyes to how woefully unaware I was of the new social media laws."

Christian Antunez, Employee
"Mark, I'm a city attorney with many years of legal experience."

Attorney Howard Maltz, 
"You opened my eyes on issues we don't often think about."

Attorney Howard Maltz
"I am an Emmy-Award winning network news reporter and feel I know everything I need to know about social media  liability."

-Susan Cingari, Public Relations
"Boy was I wrong. Mark showed me so many new ways I could be liable for what I post. His class alone could save my job"

- Susan Cingari, Public Relations
"I am an experienced attorney that has taken other social media law workshops and association conferences."

- Cindy Reid, Attorney
"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other programs save you big legal fees and your public image."

-Cindy Reid, Attorney
"I have 30 years in education and attended many internal workshops and association conferences."

- Earl Taylor, School Administrator
"If I didn't attend another workshop at this conference I still feel I got my money's worth."

- Earl Taylor, School Administrator
"As you probably know as Superintendent of schools I attend many law related conferences."

- Phyllis Criswell, Superintendent
"Mark, your new information was critical and the in-depth training was very important for all staff."

Phyllis Criswell, Superintendent
" I have taken other social media courses and I am a practicing journalist with previous social media liability training."

- David Kaiser, Realtor
"Never had a social media class this great. This class was definitely an eye-opener to new social media laws and liabilities."

- David Kaiser, Realtor
"I am an experienced Fire Rescue Division Chief that has attended numerous legal conferences and use social media often."

- Louis Carnell, Division Fire Chief
"Great workshop. I not only learned how much i didn't know, but was amazed to find out what
I did know was wrong."

-Louis Carnell, Division Fire Chief
"Here at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy we have provided various media law classes."

Farzad Sharif, Training Sergeant
"Mark, the attendees thanked me for bringing such a quality course and instructor to them."

Farzad Sharif, Training Sergeant
"Mark, I have many years of taking different media courses as a law enforcement professional."

- George Casaletto, Administrator
"Mark, until your course I had no idea of how much legal exposure we were opened too."

 George D. Casaletto, Administrator
" I am a city manager and civil engineer. It's my job to keep the commission updated on policy matters that impact the city." 

- Doug Hutchens, City Manager
"Through this training my unawareness became knowledge and my fear became confidence
and competence."

-Doug Hutchens, City Manager
"I have been to many conferences over the years."

Brian Stoothoff, Administrator
"Mark Fiedelholtz took social media law  training to the next level."

 Brian Stoothoff, Administrator
"As an attorney for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture I have attended many 
legal workshops." 

- Jonathan T. Lanier, Attorney
"Excellent class. I would have not known the extent of our potential liability but for attending this social media liability class."

- Jonathan T. Lanier, Attorney
"Mark, I am an experienced public information officer and have attended many social media and other media related classes."

- Peter Nickischer, PIO
"This class really opened my eyes to how woefully unaware I was regarding the new social media speech laws in the workplace."

- Peter Nickischer, PIO
"I am experienced city government employee that has attended many conferences on legal issues."

Alicia Costricare, Employee
"This training really opened my eyes and mindset on how to handle social media situations."

Alicia Costricare, Employee
"I have  over 33 years in the fire service and have attended numerous legal seminars."

Robert Sayles, Administrator 

"This course was interesting, well presented and I learned new strategies and perspective."

Robert Sayles, Administrator
"Mark, we conduct extensive training on various legal topics."

Karen Fitzgerald, Police Chief
"Our attendees gleaned knowledge and skills they never knew about."

Karen Fitzgerald, Police Chief
"I am an experienced law enforcement officer that has attended many courses and feel I'm well trained on media issues."

- Fernando Flores, Administrator
"You the blindfolds off. This course gave me new strategies not discussed in other workshops. It should be mandatory."

- Fernando Flores, Administrator

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