Letter from John Earl
July 30, 2019

Dear Members of Avondale,
  Over the past two and a half years the purpose of your interim pastor has been to educate Avondalers about new realities. All human organizations, including churches, have to adapt or die. Hope is defined and vision unfolds with new leadership and a breaking away from the past. This is both necessary and essential.
  This coming Monday marks a remarkable new chapter in the life of Avondale. This Monday morning your new pastor arrives to begin living out his call to serve Avondale. This Monday morning my pastoral coach turns to a pumpkin and the Prince of Peace has found, and called, the one next to wear the glass slipper.
  While a love of Avondale will always remain, my commitment to pastor Avondale has come to a conclusion. Jim is young, is energetic and has a pastor’s heart. I am confident that you will welcome him, and his family, as they discover how deep the faith which defines the Avondale community. You now become the benefactors of his spiritual leadership.
  When Nadja and I first arrived at Avondale we were welcomed by many. It did not take long to discover your generosity and depth of faith. I am confident the same will occur with the Ewing family. Jim will find it a blessing to serve you and you will find it a blessing to have Jim as your pastor.

With gratitude and thanksgiving,
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