Saturday, October 12, 2019
4:00 PM - "75 Years of Music"
& Refreshments
We are celebrating "75 Years of Music" with Avondale favorites and all musical gifts represented - and you too! Kind of like the "Festival Sundays" of our past, all our musical entities will be represented - choir, handbells, band... hear loved anthems and sing along to favorite hymns. Be here for this BIG celebration of music.
  Refreshments will follow.
This event is kid friendly!
Enjoy hotdogs, caramel apples, smores, and Cheer Wine punch.
  Also enjoy walking the campus Open House to see the many historical displays remembering and celebrating our 75 years.
Sunday, October 13, 2019
11:00 AM - Worship &
Homecoming Luncheon
We will have Worship at 11:00 AM on this day and immediately following will be our Homecoming Luncheon*. 
Everyone bring a covered dish to share. Brisket, chicken, and Homecoming cake(s) will be provided. If you bring an Avondale Cookbook dish, please bring a card to display alongside it with details. 
Our Open House historical displays will be shared again on this special day. Take time to stroll the  campus to enjoy the displays celebrating and remembering Avondale ministries over the years.
We are seeking memorabilia for our Homecoming! 
If any Avondalers have any wedding memorabilia from their wedding at Avondale, will you please contact Joy Callaway? Her number is 704-533-2966. We are putting together an Avondale weddings display for Homecoming and are looking for dresses, pictures, etc!
Avondale Adventures
September 25

Kids Cafe
September 27
CYPP Training
Sept 29 (& Oct 6)

Please bring your completed 2020 commitment pledge form to Worship on/before Dedication Sunday or return to the Church Office in the envelope provided in your Stewardship packet. We are grateful for whatever commitment you make and.... 
...thank you for your faith in and support of God's work at Avondale.
Avondale Objectives
As a congregation, God calls us to: 
    • Create close relationships to support a dynamic faith
    • Not only serve our neighbors but know them personally
    • Prepare the hearts of children and families to abide in Christ
    • Reduce economic inequities by breaking down barriers to education
    • Develop and demonstrate a sustaining faith