Dear Avondale Members,
We are looking to you....

to help us remember cherished members of our congregation celebrating milestone birthdays this month.

Rachel Caudle (Olivia Magee’s mom) turns 96 on May 24th. And on May 30th, Betty Boyd will be celebrating her 90th.

Please remember these special ladies with a card, a note, an email or a phone call.

Thanks so much,
Leslie and Susanne on behalf of Member Care
Member Care
Serving Our Community
Serving Each Other

An important role of churches in a community is to serve those in need. Our Member Care ministry is not only composed of clergy and ministry leaders, but all within the congregation. Sharing care and support for our members and the community when they are in need.

Join in today! Share prayer, meals, cards, visits, phone calls, food, etc.. with others.
We have an incredible Avondale church family and today we celebrate our super seniors!
Graduation time at Avondale!
Who is graduating?

Please share news of family graduating, or having graduated since last May.  Send news now!
We will share all the celebratory news with you in one list on June 7. Share your news with us by Wed, June 3. Look back at our graduates from  last year!

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As a congregation, God calls us to: 
  • Create close relationships to support a dynamic faith
  • Not only serve our neighbors but know them personally
  • Prepare the hearts of children and families to abide in Christ
  • Reduce economic inequities by breaking down barriers to education
  • Develop and demonstrate a sustaining faith
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