Join us at 9:30 AM this Sunday on our YouTube channel.
Sermon “The Problem of Pain"
Scripture: Isaiah 43: 1 - 7 
Where does pain and suffering come from?
This Sunday, 10-Cents-A-Meal will be collected.
Our Session meets this Sunday.
Join us for Youth Sunday, a special annual service, this year shared virtually!
Picture: Youth Sunday 2016
ACC Zooms!
Avondale Children's Center has been sharing Zoom recordings featuring ACC teachers doing fun classes. Beginning Friday, May 1, the ACC will be offering ZOOM ROOMS daily for an hour each day from 8-1 and 4-5.

Happy 6-month anniversary to Merrily Watts!
Amelia & Juliette Zoom!
Mad Science with Melinda
Sharks with Millie
Teacher Appreciation Week
As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, celebrated the first full week of May, we at Avondale celebrate teachers. Now more than ever possibly, we appreciate their gifts - to us, our children, our community! Please join our Social Media Challenge! For #teacherappreciation let's go on social media and #ThankATeacher!! Tag Avondale in your post!
Bible 101
Sundays at 10:30 AM
Women's Bible Study
Thursdays at 8 PM
Youth Group
Sunday evenings
Avondale Property Update
Our campus is not sitting vacant!
  • Property Ministry - in action caring for and checking-in on our campus
  • Columbarium - wall refurbish going on now
  • Custodian - James Higgs will begin working Fridays at Avondale
  • Staff - regularly go to campus to work, check on things, make deposits, etc.
In Case You Missed It
  • Worship service from Sun, April 26 LINK
  • Easter Gifts to Avondale in PDF and Video .
  • Birthday Parade at Chuck's house Video
  • Avondale Children's Ministries and Adventures Choir Sings! LINK
Avondale Stewardship
This year, we are still Raising the Consciousness, but with a different ask: when are we aware of the Moments of Grace within our lives?
These are the moments that God lights you up, awakens and touches you, awakens your heart. These can be fleeting moments when.... LINK
  • When have you experienced a Moment of Grace?
  • Share a story! If you will share a story—and it does not have to be about Avondale—please click here to contact Laura Meier.
Avondale Finance
  • Member contribution statements were sent earlier this month via mail/email.
  • A reminder that there are options for fulfilling pledge commitments: mailing checks; via our website, and reoccurring/or one-time  bank draft. Contact Jacqueline if you'd like more information.
Church Triumphant
With deep sadness we share that Mrs. Inez Rudisill joined the Church Triumphant on April 21, 2020. Inez joined Avondale church in 1991. A private family graveside service and burial was held in Asheville and a memorial service will be held in Charlotte at a later date. Read her obituary here.
Since we don’t know when life will fully return to “normal," we want to share some ideas for keeping people connected and engaged - plus share info on cyberscams that present dangers as we spend more time online.
  • Weekly Services - Maintain some normalcy with weekly worship with Rev. Jim and our music ministry.
  • Join a group - join a Christian Nurture group or other community group
  • Call a Friend - use the Member Directory to call a fellow Avondaler and other friends
  • Have fun, be social - make time to enjoy new activities, whether online or not. Dust off a game, check out free online entertainment...
  • Service opportunities - through Avondale or in your community, is there something you can do for others?
  • Enjoy a bit of Humor! LINK
From The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  • Article: "How to reassure children and reduce anxiety during this time" LINK
  • Article: "Wholeness Moment" What spiritual practices help...? LINK
  • Online Learning WideOpenSchool is for learners of all ages! Find live events, fun and educational stuff, and more. Adults will find many options when they search for free online courses. Coursera, Alison, even Harvard have much available!
  • Online Entertainment - "Here’s how to sample free arts, culture events online by local, international groups" - from The Charlotte Observer
  • Exercise Videos - Find on YouTube for all ages and levels
Please exercise extra caution to beat the hackers.
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As a congregation, God calls us to: 
  • Create close relationships to support a dynamic faith
  • Not only serve our neighbors but know them personally
  • Prepare the hearts of children and families to abide in Christ
  • Reduce economic inequities by breaking down barriers to education
  • Develop and demonstrate a sustaining faith
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