Join us this Sunday at 9:30 AM for our annual Youth Sunday worship service.
Our 42 Youth will lead you through a journey from
Doubt to Hope.
Picture: Youth & Rev. Jim 2019
Special Offering
We invite you to participate in contributing to this wonderful ministry! All gifts received will be used to purchase weekly meal supplies. Use the link below to give using a credit or debit card. You may also mail a check to the church office with "ABC" noted on the memo. Thank you for your support and generosity! For those who tried to give last Sunday but the link failed, please try again! ABC Family Meal Bags
Avondale Stewardship
Join us for a "Moment of Grace", brought to us by our Stewardship team. Zach Chambers shares many moments of grace seen in this time of crisis, change and uncertainty. LINK
Have you scene a "moment of grace? Share your story with Laura Meier.
Reopening Task Force News
Avondalers, Please check your email (and voicemail) for an update re Avondale Reopening Task Force."...we ask that you will continue to offer prayers, check on your fellow Avondalers, notify me...with any pastoral concerns, and practice the spiritual disciplines of what the Apostle Paul calls “fruits of the spirit.” These are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control...." READ EMAIL
Youth Group this Summer
Our Peru trip which was scheduled for this June has been postponed to most likely June of 2021. We are working out those details with our Peruvian mission connections. As of now, our middle school work camp and conference week at Massanetta is still on. We are also looking at some other options including Montreat and an Adventure trip for our high school youth since there is no international trip this summer.
Avondale Newsletter Coming Soon
It will be published later this month. Ministry teams, please send your newsletter reports to Caroline by Tues, May 19! Have a newsletter look back:
Church Office & Staff
The Church Office remains closed with staff working from home during this time. Please don't hesitate to reach out to staff via email or phone! LINK: Directory 1944A

ABC Out-of-School Time
While repairs are being done at the Family Life Center, our ABC student program will meet in Fellowship Hall.
Avondale Children's Center
ACC kids enjoy the daily Zoom Rooms! Here the Munchkins class has big fun with Melinda.
Bible 101
Sundays at 10:30 AM
Women's Bible Study Update
Women's Bible Study completed their first study. This week's Zoom on Thursday evening is a social time! The next study will begin soon. Women have enjoyed getting together on Zoom to study, pray and fellowship. Join in! For details, contact Amanda Shanks.
Women's Bible Study
Thursdays at 8 PM
Avondale Property Update
Our campus is not sitting vacant!
  • Property Team - are caring for our campus!
  • Columbarium - wall being refurbished
  • Custodian - James Higgs working Fridays
  • Staff - are working from home but regularly go to campus to work as needed
Avondale Finance
A reminder that for fulfilling pledge commitments, there are options:
If you'd like more information about bank drafts or other ways to give, please contact Jacqueline .
Since we don’t know when life will fully return to “normal," we want to share some ideas for keeping connected and engaged: *NEW THIS WEEK

* "Here’s what you need to know as North Carolina enters Phase 1" from WXII news LINK
* "Prayer for our country as the pandemic persists"
by Jill Duffield, "The Presbyterian Outlook"
Almighty God, we are weary and anxious. We are exhausted and overwhelmed. Our quarantine fatigue grows even though we want to do what is right for the sake of the most vulnerable among us. We wonder how long this season of social distancing will last. While we are eager to be together, to get back to .... continue reading.
  • Weekly Services - Maintain some normalcy with weekly worship with Rev. Jim and our music ministry.
  • Join a group - join a Christian Nurture group (shared above) or other community group
  • Call a Friend - use the Member Directory to call a fellow Avondaler and other friends
  • Have fun, be social - is it time to enjoy new activities? Call an old friend, join online book club, pause to talk to neighbors, start Bible lessons with grandchildren, join our Prayer Ministry...
  • *Computer Skills - beef-up your tech skills, check out #3 and 4! LINK
  • Listen to a Podcast - Time list of 50 best LINK
  • Virtual Experiences - find virtual arts, science and history online, hosted by local artists, scientists, historians and organizations! LINK
  • Service opportunities - through Avondale or in your community, is there something you can do for others?
  • Exercise Videos - Find on YouTube for all ages and levels
  • Online Entertainment - Sample free arts, culture events online by local/international groups - The Charlotte Observer
More Online Learning:
  • Adults - find many options when searching online for free courses. *LINK Check out: Coursera, Alison, even Harvard have much available!
  • Children - WideOpenSchool is for learners of all ages! Find live events, fun and educational stuff, and more.
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As a congregation, God calls us to: 
  • Create close relationships to support a dynamic faith
  • Not only serve our neighbors but know them personally
  • Prepare the hearts of children and families to abide in Christ
  • Reduce economic inequities by breaking down barriers to education
  • Develop and demonstrate a sustaining faith
Avondale Presbyterian Church 
2821 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209
Church Office: 704-333-6194
Children's Center: 704-377-6960