A Taizé Service
We invite you to join us tomorrow evening at 7 PM
for a Taizé Prayer Service!
We hope you are able to participate and find this service to be a time of quiet reflection and meaning. The service may not be viewed until 7 PM and can be viewed anytime following. Join us. Communal prayer can be healing.
Invite friends to enjoy our Taizé service!
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Yesterday was Dedication Sunday and World Communion Sunday. It was wonderful to see Avondalers who were able to join us on the Avondale campus to receive Holy Communion, share their 2021 Pledge Cards, help celebrate the dedication of our gifts to the church, and join for an outdoor lunch.

If you have not yet shared your 2021 Pledge Card, please do so! Our Stewardship team asks that all submit a Pledge Card within the next two weeks. If you are unable to make a pledge for 2021, we ask that you please return your pledge card noting a $0 amount. This will help us in formulating a budget for the coming year and also help our Stewardship Committee with their follow-up process. Thank you!

You can find a copy of the Pledge Card on our website - to either 1) print at home and send/bring in or 2) complete your card online and submit electronically.

For electronic pledge cards, please know the information is confidential! This form is NEW & IMPROVED and is much, much easier to complete than in years past. A copy will go to Jacqueline and you will have a copy.

Find the forms on our website at www.avondalepresbychurch.org/pledge or click the button / link below to send your pledge now.
Dedication Sunday
World Communion Sunday
Holy Communion