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"Play Ball!"
July 19, 2020
"For Love of the Game"
Matthew 18: 1-3

True Greatness
18 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” 2 He called a child, whom he put among them, 3 and said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
A Moment for Children
Parents, read over the lesson below and use it to stir conversation as a family!
Become Like Children!
Wow! Did you hear the scripture reading today? Jesus told His disciples to "change and become like children, or you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Jesus teaches us here that YOU carry a special gift of great importance and have the ability to share it with grown ups!

So, what is the special gift?
What do you think Jesus meant by, "become like children?"
What could a grown up learn from you?
Spend some time talking with your family about what you think
Jesus was talking about.

Earlier in the story!
Earlier in the scripture the Disciples were full of worry and asking lot's of questions. When children came along to see Jesus they only wanted to be near and to play with Him. The Disciples tried to shew the children away and Jesus told them that the children were just as important, to never send them away and in fact to, "change and become like children!" Jesus taught His disciples to be trusting and humble just like the children!

Share your gift!
Adults can tend to worry a lot! They have big responsibilities and sometimes it is hard to think through everything and make decisions easily. The next time you see your parents worrying and having a hard day, remind them that God has got it and everything is going to be okay!

Dear God, Help us to all be humble and trusting in You and help us to share Your presence with others. Amen.
Member Care Corner
"Show You Care - Task of the week"

This has been a challenging time for our children! There is so much they are unable to fully understand and they are missing friends, family and normalcy. With the latest news regarding school openings it sounds like normalcy is still a ways off. This week we lift our children of the church and ABC in prayer and ask that you send them a card of encouragement and love!
Any cards for ABC children can be mailed to the church office.
If you know of any member concerns or needs, please email Jim or call the church office and leave a message.

Member Directory online...
We've changed the password! Check your June 14 personal email from Avondale for the password or email Caroline for it.
Prayer Requests

Beth Cline; Jacqueline Howells; Rogers and Olivia Magee; Delia McCloskey; Carl, Dee Dee and Lilly McDonald; Nic and Rebeca Presson; Floyd Privette; The Family of Michael Morales; The Reed Family; Jeff Strickland; The Family of Lucy Wiley.
Mission Corner
One year ago, the Urban Ministry Center and Men's Shelter of Charlotte--the two organizations dedicated to serving our homeless neighbors and ultimately ending homelessness in Charlotte--merged, in an effort to consolidate and strengthen their common mission. Last month, the combined organization announced that its new name will be "Roof Above." In their words, "'Roof Above' tells you what we do. Whether through our shelters or our housing programs, we are committed to providing the safety, protection and dignity of a roof above."

Avondale has a long history of supporting the Urban Ministry Center and its mission, through our Room in the Inn program and through the work of many of our members as volunteers and staff members. This week, please consider contributing something from the wish list (link below) to show Avondale's support of our homeless neighbors and the vital mission of Roof Above.

Any purchased items may be dropped off at the church office on
Wednesday, July 22 from 1:30-6 PM.
Your Avondale Pledge

For those of you who contribute to your pledge through the offering plate on Sunday, there are many opportunities to fulfill your commitment including, mailing a check, PayPal or a one-time or reoccurring bank draft . Drafts can be setup or changed at anytime. Please contact Jacqueline for more information.

Using the link below, you may contribute to your 2020 pledge or make a gift to the church.
Elder Nomination Form

Avondale members may now begin nominating Elders for the class of 2023 using the nomination form found here   and on our website.

Nominations are due by TODAY, July 19

Please submit your completed form in one of the following ways...

Mail to the church office
2821 Park Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28209

Complete and submit the online form using the link below.