Happy 100th birthday to my Godfather Avram Davidson. Please celebrate his birthday with us as we launch AD 100 (his first collection in over 20 years) and for the next five days give away the eBook versions of The Avram Davidson Treasury (one of the greatest collections of the 20th century), Skinny and The Boss In the Wall.

I am doing everything I can to keep Avram's legacy alive. I am now turning to you to make sure one of the greatest short story writers of the twentieth century is not forgotten. Please share this note with your friends, family, network, colleagues, students and ask them to do the same...Share, post, call, tweet, email, share in a news letter...

Help me keep Avram's legacy alive.

Avram you are missed by so many.

Love your Godson.


If you have never read Avram Davidson start here.

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with introductions from: URSULA K. LE GUIN








And many more!

eBook & Paperback at Amazon

Barnes & Noble - Paperback

Coming to your local independent bookstore and library soon. ISBN - 978-1-955676-39-7

Volume one begins with Benny, Bluma, and the Solid Gold Ring. Written when Avram was 23 years old. Volume one ends with a story written in the late 1960s looking into the life of Avram as a child.

eBook & Paperback at Amazon

Barnes & Noble - Paperback

Coming to your local independent bookstore and library soon. ISBN - 978-1-955676-45-8

Volume two begins with The Roads the Beautiful Roads originally published in Orbit 5, ed. Damon Knight (Berkley Publishing, 1969). Volume two ends with a difficult to find Adventures in Unhistory.

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A fantastic novel written by Avram and completed by my mom.

Professor Vlad Smith is on a terrifying quest, one that will take him from the halls of our most hallowed institutions to the most run-down of old houses in blighted neighborhoods.

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Avram served as a Navy hospital corpsman (medic) with the Marine Corps in the Pacific during World War II and after the war he was stationed in China. This semi-autobiographical story was written in the early 1950’s.

You will also find this story in AD 100 volume I and on the Avram Davidson Universe Podcast.

Godfather and Godson.

Avram, thank you for leaving this amazing literary treasure!


We are always looking for great guests on the Avram Davidson Universe Podcast. If you are interested please let us know. Two fantastic episodes below:

Professor Ben Railton & "What Time Is It"

Professor Henry Sussman "The Slovo Stove"