Awaken To Your Healing Within
I am super excited to share current science and ancient teachings leading us to a deeper understanding of our true nature and the outstanding realization of our self-healing abilities.

Within the last two years I have expanded my skills and knowledge in the arena of Energy Medicine with Dr. Sue Mortar Institute. This expanded information beautifully complements both our PT and MFR wholistic approach. It shines a light on the emerging understanding of our evolution as a human species - this is truly an amazing time to be alive!!

My intention is to teach you how to connect, unlock and unleash that amazing healing stream that flows through our physical body for the purpose of healing on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The most important hidden gem is that underneath our physical body we humans are pure, intelligent, loving and conscious energy.

We are currently offering Energy Medicine services to awaken, unleash and enhance the healing within:

  • Energy Coaching and Facilitation: We learn how to fully integrate Mind-Body-Breath (Energy), navigate challenging emotions, clear subconscious beliefs, and nourish yourself from the inside. We activate neural pathways (circuitry) for wholeness, health, wellness and joy.

  • B.E.S.T (Bioenergetic synchronization technique): Is a protocol designed to integrate a subconscious interference which is related to unresolved emotions stored in the body.

As the result of EnergyMedicine Services:

- You help align the body for a deeper healing
- Your body will be more open and flexible
- Your health and relationships improve
- You gain a greater sense of inner peace and trust in life
- You feel deeply loved on the inside
- Your intuition and sense of direction will be clearer and more enhanced
- You will experience a deeper sense of self and self-value
- You will have a deeper sense of belonging, oneness
- You will gain a sense that all is always well in the Universe
- You will feel more vitality, energy
- You will feel happier and lighter

Are you ready to truly live the life worth living the way you want? Do you want to feel-good inside? Do you want to experience a greater sense of vitality and have more energy?
If you would like to read other clients' experiences with Wholistic Therapeutics - I am inviting you to click on this link.
We are here to serve you and help you to meet your goals and intentions. 

In love and health 

Izabela Adamus, PT