June 13, 2019

Dear Enlightened Masters,

I’m so excited about our new AWAKENED METAPHYSICAL CRUISE leaving out of Galveston, Texas on April 19-26, 2020, for 7 nights and 8 days!  ENRICH YOURSELF WITH THE GREATEST LIFE CHANGING SEMINAR AT SEA!  

The website is:
You may now see the incredible journey we are going to take and register if you are guided to or simply feel the UNIVERSAL RESPONSE! This is no “ordinary” cruise, in fact, LIBERTY OF THE SEAS is regarded as one of the most luxurious cruise ships on the planet! It is the Rolls Royce of all ocean liners.

The website is best viewed from a laptop or on a larger computer screen than your phone if you have one. At the top of the HOME page, simply click on Pricing/Booking, Instructors, Schedule, The Ship, Ports, FAQs, Our Team, Blog, etc. for all your cruise expectations and needs.
When you click on “The Ship” on the web page menu bar, on the website, scroll down a little and you will see a big picture of our ship, Liberty of the Seas. Click on the arrow on the ship and you will get a wonderful guided tour! I have been on cruises before and about the time we are finishing the cruise I pretty much know my way around. Now, with this tour, you can familiarize yourselves with the ship’s layout before you even embark. Cynthia Tevis and Eric Lenington, our co-producers, will be getting our cruise on social media soon, of which you will be notified. It will be easy to share this great adventure with your family and friends.
In order to register for the
Awakened Metaphysical Cruise, go to:
Click on Pricing/Booking and fill out the Booking Form.

If you have questions regarding the cruise in general, flights, transportation, logistics etc., please call Cynthia at 832-298-9898. If unavailable, call Co-Producer Eric at 512-658-5163.

Each person attending the Awakened Metaphysical Cruise will have an opportunity to increase their personal EVOLUTION and become more MASTERFUL as fulfillment entices your supreme spiritual journey. Many people today are “receiving” ascended messages from their “unseen teachers”. As we cruise together and partake the wisdom from the Masters, each one of us will begin to understand more about our own paths, environments, tranquil moments, universal energies and much more. Take a chance and leap into your next evolutionary and proper ascension process. You are incredible, Excalibur, dignified and lucky to be a part of this fantastic trip.

Looking forward to cruising with you on our magnificent, powerful, adventurous voyage!!
If you will join us by sending this email to those on your contact lists, it is very much appreciated. You are the Light!
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