In This Great River
Presence, Deep Listening, and Discernment

November 7-10, 2019
Lutheridge Conference Center
Asheville, NC

Barbara Brown Taylor
acclaimed preacher and best selling author of Leaving Church , Altar in the World , Learning to Walk in the Dark , and soon to be released Holy Envy

Jacqui Lewis
activist, preacher, teacher, and fierce advocate for justice and equality,
Senior Minister at Middle Collegiate Church, NYC

Larry Maze
retired bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas, faculty member at the Haden Institute’s Dream and Spirituality Conference. Larry will once again host our ‘armchair conversations.’
and of course, live music by the
 AwakeningSoul Ensemble
We have a choice, not of the current,
but of the way we turn ourselves,
within its strength.

We cannot foil the tides
but we can learn the timing
and the grace of turning so that force of water
gives us strength,
and helps us on our way to some new place we
didn’t mean to go,
yet where we can arrive in safety, with exhilaration,
gratitude, relief,
still whole and even more ourselves
for having found a way to be in partnership
with currents
we had not anticipated.          

Excerpt from Currents , a poem by Judy Brown
used by permission

Changes ~ Choices ~ Timing
Grace ~ Exhilaration ~ Gratitude
An Invitation to the Unknown

Hung up on the rocks or in partnership with the flow?

Come join us
as we wade into the water with Barbara and Jacqui - two brilliant, edgy,
courageous, and wise women.
Larry will guide the conversation with an inquisitive heart and a gentle hand.


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