January 2021
A Letter from Herb
Award: One of America's Best Employers by State
Our business strategy is simple. We sell and service cars, trucks & SUVs and strive to make each and every client happy. I am confident that we continue to achieve this goal because we have helped over 1,000,000 people buy a vehicle and we have serviced millions more. The enthusiasm we bring to our work makes the difference for both our customers and our team members.
While 2020 has presented us with a “New Normal” I believe that one thing has never changed -I am a strong believer that happy employees increase the chances of having happy clients. For this reason, I’m so proud to share two honors from 2020.

The Boston Globe has acknowledged The Herb Chambers Companies as one of the “Top Places to Work” consecutively for the last 11 years.

Additionally, Forbes Magazine listed The Herb Chambers Companies as one of “America's Best Employers by State” in Massachusetts!
I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to our wonderful team. It is their relentless effort that has propelled us to achieve these acknowledgments. The company’s goal is to provide the best possible customer experience. 
As we like to say in our company: “We don’t sell cars, we help people buy them.” It’s the service we give and the meaningful relationships we build that make us different.

Currently, we are looking for talented professionals with great attitudes for many of our departments. If you’re interested in finding out more about joining our team visit https://careers.herbchambers.com.

To read more about how we foster our positive culture and support our amazing employees so that we can offer our customers the best servie possible, click here.

Thank you!
2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee
By KBB.com
The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is an elder statesman among midsize SUVs. Far from the newest tool in Jeep’s shed, the 5-seater Grand Cherokee continues to hold a certain appeal where luxury, performance, and off-road capability all overlap, despite its age.

Priced competitively against the Ford Edge and Toyota 4Runner, many owners consider the Grand Cherokee a more luxurious vehicle, similar to the Audi Q5 and Land Rover Discovery.

Few can match the Grand Cherokee’s off-road talents, fewer still have anything that comes close to the performance-oriented SRT and 707-horsepower Trackhawk versions.

Yet even the most basic trim comes generously equipped and can be fitted with numerous upgrades, including cutting-edge driver assistance features.

4 Driving Safety Tips That Could Save You Money
Bad driving habits aren't just obnoxious, they're also dangerous - motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in the U.S., with more than 38,000 people having lost their lives and nearly 4.4 million injured in collisions in 2019, according to the National Safety Council.

"Many car collisions are entirely preventable," said Kevin Quinn, vice president of claims and customer experience at Mercury Insurance. "The simple solution is for drivers to be responsible, obey traffic laws and stay focused on the road. Don't play with your phone while you're driving, don't speed and don't drink and drive. And if you practice these things regularly and keep your driving record free of accidents and traffic violations, it could lower auto insurance rates."

Herb Chambers is also proud to help support these organizations.
2021 Lexus GX
By KBB.com
All the things that make this Lexus show its age — like body-on-frame construction, naturally aspirated V8, and old-school all-wheel-drive hardware — are the very elements that make the 2021 GX 460 popular with buyers as a luxurious 7-seat midsize SUV. The GX is a serious truck-based SUV with a sturdy reputation.

The only rival that can give the GX a run for its considerable money in terms of off-road ability and towing talents is the Land Rover Discovery. Other contenders like the Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class are superb on the road and have more refined ride qualities (as does the Discovery). But if you want to venture into the wilderness with confidence, the GX is a much better choice.