Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees!
Alt station who plays the most new music

Rock station who plays the most new music


Most community oriented alt station 

91X/San Diego 


Most community oriented rock station 



Best radio alter ego name 

Chuck "DZL" Thompson/WEND  


Best streaming & recording lounge


 MD or PD most likely to take a chance on a new artist

Mase /WKZQ/Myrtle Beach


MD or PD who somehow finds music no one is working 

Walter Flakus/WKQX/Chicago


Radio station - Best use of social media
KROQ/Los Angeles & WAAF/Boston
Radio person with the best Instagram photos 

Charese Fruge/KXTE/Las Vegas &

Dustin "Fletcher" Matthews /WRXL/ Richmond
Most happy and chipper 

Paul Jarvis/WBOS/ Boston


Station who plays the most Sunset Sessions artists



Music Sup who is always the first to RSVP 

Tony Von Pervieux


License (TV, film, or ad with the most impact on radio)

Susan Jacobs /The Lumineers "Ho Hey" (Silver Linings Playbook)

 Best use of a song in a video game or commercial

Cybele Pettus & Raphaella Lima/GIVERS "Up Up Up" (FIFA)

 Best use of a song in a movie trailer
Jason Mraz & Frank Ferrante "What Would Love Do Now"

(May I Be Frank)


Best music placement in a scripted drama  

Alexandra Patsavas/Fitz & The Tantrums "Spark" (Grey's Anatomy) 


Music Sup who uses the most Sunset Sessions artists
Janine Kerr
Major label with the best overall rock/alt music
Warner Bros.


Indie label with the best rock music


Label who brings the coolest artists to SSR
Warner Bros.


Label person with the best outlook on life
Christine Chiappetta/IDJ


Label promo person most likely to be a CEO
Mike Easterlin/Roadrunner


Label person who is most fun to party with 
Cheryl Valentine/Reprise
Major label who breaks the most new artists
Indie promo company who takes best care of radio
Robert England & Land Shark Promotion Studio


Indie promo company of most value to Indie artists


Alt/Rock artist most likely to hit on your daughter


SSR artist most likely to break in 2013 -  Alt
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. & The Unlikely Candidates 
SSR artist most likely to break in 2013 - Rock
Heaven's Basement & Redlight King 


Favorite artist discovered at SSR 2012
Beware of Darkness


Artist with the best Instagram photos
Jason Mraz


Favorite SSR Superstar Spotlight artist
Billy Corgan


Person with the coolest tattoos  



Person most likely to miss roll call
Nik Rivers


Biggest metalhead 

Drew Cage/WBYR/Fort Wayne


Most likely to have their name misspelled at roll call
Mamie Coleman


Most diverse industry mogul
Danny Goldberg/GoldVe & Daniel Glass/Glassnote
Most likely to fall in the pool at 2am
Tommy DeBenedictis

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Thank you to everyone who was with us
for making our 3rd Sunset Sessions Rock event such a raging success! 
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