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Thursday April 3, 2014
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Award Winning Composer/Producer
David Rosen


David Rosen, a self-taught musician, is showing his skills and expanding his horizons here in Las Vegas. With Las Vegas ever expanding in the film industry and new tax incentive provisions, David will continue to make a name for himself with his remarkable ability to score films and expose audiences to his incredible style. With creating music that emanates from his very being, David is finding himself on a path to success that showcases his versatility on keyboard/synthesizer, guitar, bass, percussion, and vocals - apparent the minute you hear his music. His latest effort, "Echoes in the Dark" is a mesmerizing collection of his unique talent and represents the reason he has been sought out to score a number of films, being produced both in Las Vegas and outside. Through his 12 years experience, he has become an award-winning music composer with experience in films, shorts, commercials, games, albums and more. The consummate musician, he is always looking for new exciting projects that include full-length feature films.



His music touches all your senses; from the first note, you find  yourself hypnotized by the depth of the "soul" in his sound. You can close your eyes and let your own imagination take hold. Once you hear this award-winning composure/producer, you will inevitably find yourself hungry for more. Until recently, the majority of his work was focused on other venues, but he has now completed his first feature (director Chase Caldwell's I Did), and is set to score two Nevada-produced features, Douglas Farra's Finding the Truth and the Chad Clinton Freeman/Jack Hunter project Paranoia Tapes. Every one of us has sat in a movie theater and, while impacted by the dialogue or cinematography, it is the music that sets the tone that takes you where you become completely immersed in what you see on the screen. With David's scoring of any film, it will enhance the experience to another level. While his CD's have reached many, having the opportunity to score major films will expand those of us who are lucky enough to hear his talent.


Having always been a movie fan, it was only a matter of time before the direction of his career took him to scoring films. The diversity of his style, combining genres, provides the listener an unforgettable experience. A theater audience may not always be aware of the "score", when, in fact, it is the basis for emotions that run the gambit. While some "scores" fade into the background, with David Rosen, the intricacies of his music will become an integral part of whatever project he undertakes. "I love the idea of making music completely by myself," he says. "Film score seems like the best way to do something like that and have people actually hear it." Based in Las Vegas, he has tackled numerous projects since 1999, but has broadened his passions beyond his electronic and new age sounds, often infused with a little hip-hop and rock. And what began as a hobby has been transformed into a passionate career direction surely headed for inevitable stardom.


His "Lights In The Sky" music video screened as an Official Selection at the Berlin Independent Film Festival! This video is also an Official Selection for the Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia! When he put this video together, it was beyond his imagination is would win such recognition (Best Short at the 2013 Vegas IndieMeet and Best Experimental Video at the 2013 Pollygrind Film Festival), or get accepted into film festivals in other countries!


Perhaps it was fate that his talent should find his work acknowledged internationally, and now allows David to pursue avenues taking him into the realm of scoring major films. If there is any doubt as to his talent, the Official Music Video for "Lights In The Sky" off the album "Echoes In The Dark" can be viewed on YouTube (


His album "Echoes In The Dark" is available on iTunes, Amazon, and also bandcamp at The next video, "If Only Tonight I Could Sleep" was directed by Douglas Farra and will be released soon.


His music library will continue to grow and gain the attention of filmmakers and producers, and his future will reflect ever-growing credits of his talent. One thing is certain, whether working on a new CD or being involved with a film score, one realizes his name will be synonymous with success in whatever direction his talent takes him. Currently making his home in Las Vegas, you can hear his incredible accomplishments through his website or on Facebook

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