SmartPlug: Instant Hot Water Control
A Must Have For All Plumbers

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The patented SmartPlug lets you upgrade any existing hot water recirculation pump with a power cord to "Smart" operation. Simply connect the SmartPlug to any 110V power outlet then plug the circulator power cord into the SmartPlug. Using a sensor that mounts to the hot water supply pipe, the SmartPlug will record the daily hot water usage pattern in a home and adjust the circulator run time automatically. Hot water will always be available when needed.

No Programming, Timers or Aquastats Required • Sensor Included • U.S. Patent #8,594,853 and #9,207,682


  • Easy to install: Upgrades any recirculation pump to "Smart" operation.
    Water conservation: The average residence can save up to 12,000 gallons* of water per year by eliminating the wait for hot water to arrive at fixtures and taps.
  • Comfort and convenience: Hot water is available in seconds. No timers or programming required.
  • Efficiency: "Smart" setting maximizes hot water comfort and energy savings.
  • Reliability: The SmartPlug, when combined with a Taco domestic hot water circulator, provides whisper quiet operation and industry leading electronics for proven performance and dependability.

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