See some great non-fiction films at this year's San Francisco IndieFest
Rodrigo Reyes
Director Rodrigo Reyes combines documentary and a bit of fiction, using magical realism to draw a parallel between the apocalyptic sacking of Tenochtitlan and the harsh reality of many modern-day Mexicans.
IndieFest Vanguard Awardee
Mo Scarpelli
With acute lensing and formidable direction, filmmaker Mo Scarpelli presents a layered and complex portrait of her life partner Jorge Thielen Armand as he directs a film about the unconventional life of his father, Jorge Roque Thielen.
James Redford
Playing for Keeps examines the importance of play and downtime for all of us – children, adults, seniors, and animals.
Nathan Clarke
Three professions ushered Black former slaves from poverty to the American dream: preacher, teacher, and undertaker. Today, renowned embalmer James Bryant puts his faith in a new generation to continue this vanishing legacy.
Rita Davern, Melody Gilbert
It's a family reunion - what could go wrong? Plenty, as we soon learn when Rita Davern exposes an ugly reality at the heart of a family legend.
Josie Hess, Isabel Peppard
A lonely house-wife's plan to end it all takes an unexpected turn when her last hurrah begins a radical journey of sexual exploration and personal re-invention.
Elke Lehrenkrauss
When night falls in rural Germany, old VW-caravans decorated with flashy lights line the country roads which lead through potato fields and dark forests. Inside theses buses prostitutes from Eastern Europe and Africa await their clients who are passing by.
Nick Brandestini, Taylor Segrest
Sapelo is a feature-length documentary film that journeys within a unique American island to tell the story of two young brothers, their adoptive mother, and the last remaining enclave of the Saltwater Geechee people.
Ray Day
The 60 minute documentary film examines the life and work of San Francisco Bay Area Social Surreal Artist Irving Norman.
David Licata
Filmed over the course of 15 years, the documentary A Life's Work is about people engaged with projects they won't complete in their lifetime, projects that could have a positive, global effect.

Tue Feb 9, 7p PREVIEW NIGHT presents a selection of trailers and live Q&As with filmmakers from around the world representing:

The Book of Vision - It's Gonna Be Fine - Stories I Didn't Know  - Girl in Golden Gate Park - Bunkers  -No Single Origin - Metro6  - The Bed - The Poet and the Plant - If We Smarten Up  - (You’ll Make it in) Florida
Another Hole in the Head Presents
Free Filmmaker Showcase Nights
Kicking off Thur Feb 11, 730 PST

AHITH will screen trailers and clips from new and upcoming Independent films, then take a few minutes to talk with the filmmakers. Participation is open to any Indie filmmaker who can provide a trailer or clip from a recent or soon-to-be-released project (feature or short), and be available to join us on Zoom for a brief talk. 

Interested filmmakers, please send an email to; (be sure to include "Showcase" in the subject line). The public is also welcome to join us to view, comment, and ask questions.

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