May 2014

Profile: Award-winning teacher Dr. Stan Feinberg 

Dr. Stan Feinberg of North York General Hospital


F ollowing the recent completion of his 11-year term as Chief of Surgery at North York General Hospital, Dr. Stan Feinberg took a moment to reflect on his career as a surgeon and teacher, and the opportunities that lie ahead as Medical Director of the Ambulatory and Cancer Care Program.     

Dr. Feinberg recently received 2 awards for his teaching excellence.  

Find out more about Dr. Stan Feinberg.



Sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes...allergy season is coming!



Woman sneezing because of her allergies.
Spring is finally here, but after a long winter 
Dr. Benny Wong, a
llergist and immunologist at North York General Hospital,  notes that allergy season  may have a late start. 


"In spring when trees typically pollinate, people experience symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes," Dr. Wong explains. "The ice storm this winter along with fluctuating temperatures could mean that trees pollinate later into grass season."   

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Have you seen Sophie?
Sophie is featured on the NYGH van.
Have you seen North York General Hospital's new ride? Our delivery van, which runs between the General Site and Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, has been given a full makeover and now features a picture of one of our own patients, 1-year-old Sophie. 


Refill your prescriptions anytime by phone or online    
You can now refill your prescription by phone or online anytime.


At any hour, customers can now refill their prescriptions over the phone or online at the General Site Pharmacy.


Prescriptions are estimated to be ready within 2 hours after the request during regular business hours and 2 hours after opening for after-hour requests.      

Get complete details on this new service. 


Woman talking on telephone Contacting us is easy! 

Did you know the  Contact Us  section of the NYGH website ( contains the telephone numbers of over 100 departments, services and patient care unit nursing stations? 
A s well, we've made it easier and faster for you to  reach a patient, member of our staff or department. When you call our General Site at 416-756-6000, you can access our voice recognition system. You will be asked to say the name of the person or department you are trying to reach and you will be transferred to them



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