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The city is starting to buzz with election fever, and we know you have a lot of priorities. No matter what your political leanings, we urge you to consider your candidates carefully, and use your vote wisely. We've already told you a little about the $10/day Childcare Plan that Buddings is supporting, and we urge you to consider endorsing it, too. 


More than just the election is in the air, the busy bees are out, and Buddings is the busiest place of all! To stay on top, we're hiring, and if you know a great ECE, we'd love to talk to them. 


Vancity has also noticed our recent growth, and this year we've been named a "Business of Impact." Find the details of the official launch of our new status, and more to get you going, in the articles below! 





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Buddings is Hiring!
Business of Impact 2013
Old Money for Childcare
Policies that May Affect You
Business Spotlight Growing!
Childcare Tax Receipt Info
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Buddings is Looking for a Part-Time ECE!
Wow, there are a lot of kids running into Buddings this Spring! And a few more joining the group all this month, too! We're thrilled with the response to our concept, and we're ready to take it to the next level. We'll need some help...

If you know of an awesome Early Childhood Educator, we're offering a part-time summer position, with opportunities for advancement. The ad is on our website, and we're accepting resumes until Apr. 23, 2013, with the position starting as early as May. This is a role for a licensed educator.

Please forward this link, or our Facebook call-out to anyone you think might be interested. 

Vancity's Business of Impact for 2013 is... BUDDINGS! :)


Vancity has been a huge part of our business, and it's through their support that Buddings exists at all. So, we're super honoured to be named their Business of Impact for 2013, representing Vancity's presence in Vancouver's small business arena.

They made a short video about our story, and it's launching at the Vancity Annual General Meeting on Tues. May 7th, at the Italian Cultural Centre, with registration beginning at 6pm, and the meeting at 7pm. 

PLEASE NOTE: Buddings will close at 5pm on May 7, in order to attend the meeting. We hope you understand. 

If you're a member, you should attend! Not only to support your friendly neighbourhood daycare, but you'll get to see how Canada's largest credit union manages over $16.1 billion in assets. They work for you, after all. :)
Speaking of which, the 2013 Election for the Board of Directors continues until Fri. April 26. Members get to have a say in the direction of our credit union takes. How awesome is that?

Old Money, Better Used, for Childcare
The election is just around the corner, and you're probably seeing a lot of requests and calls for your attention at the polls. Of course there's a lot on the table, and before we add one more plate, why don't you check out our blog post about why families are the ones who need to have a voice about childcare. 
It's a long one, and we've tried to provide as much support and information as possible, so that you have the resources you need to advocate for the $10/day plan too. Make some time to check it out! 
Leave us a comment if you've already endorsed the plan. Every endorsement is a great step, and encourages everyone else!
Policies that may Affect You

The cherry blossoms blooming and the flowers everywhere make it feel like early Spring, but April is passing. A quick reminder to everyone about some policies that may affect you:
  1. Purchase your May hours by April 24, to get 3 hours FREE
  2. Maintain your active account by making your May purchase by May 1st
  3. Monitor your hours: 4 or more will roll forward, as long as your account is active. (If you have 3 or fewer, please try to use them before the end of the month.)
If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to review the summary of the changes on our website and return a signed agreement form as soon as possible. 

Business Spotlight is Gaining Members!


Did you have any idea that Buddings families ran such a wide variety of interesting businesses? Visit the Spotlight Page to find out what some families do while their kids are at daycare! 
The page has been such a fun exercise, and if you'd like to add your business to the list, Contact Talia.
Thanks for sharing your out-of-daycare experience, everyone. :)
Childcare Tax Receipts for 2012


For families who received care with Buddings in 2012, the paid invoices can be viewed and downloaded from the Dashboard of your Buddings Account. 
If your account is no longer active, or if you would prefer to have the totals and monthly fees summarized into a one-page document for simpler presentation, please contact us by April 1, 2013 to make the request. There will be a $50 fee for the service. 
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