29 March 2019
Awards Luncheon
Greetings from Mr. Gault

Blessings to you and your families as we welcome the season of spring! The De La Salle School Gentlemen are enjoying the slightly warmer weather and late day sunshine in our new schoolyard where they have ample room to participate in their favorite sport soccer and other outdoor activities. Thank you so much to our generous benefactors who helped with this project.
The Awards Luncheon recognizing the students who distinguished themselves in a particular month has become a long-standing tradition at The De La Salle School. This is a tradition that began with my predecessor, Brother Thomas. Each month one student from each grade level and one chosen at large gather around the conference table in my office for a special meal. This recognition of the young men whose effort, comportment, and achievement merit this honor is a coveted invitation. I enjoy the opportunity to be the host for this special lunch. We share wonderful conversations and I have the opportunity to share one on one time with some amazing young men.
We continue our celebration of the Lenten season with weekly attendance at the 12:10 PM parish Mass every Friday that school is in session. Our students are actively participating in our bottle recycling and almsgiving activity supporting our Lasallian twin school in Nakuru, Kenya - Mwangaza College. As "Louie" travels through morning assembly the generosity of our students fills him with love and blessings.
Our 6th Grade Newsday Kidsday Reporters continue their work visiting New York City attractions and testing new products writing their reviews of each. On 20 March a group of students ventured to Barnes & Noble in Union Square to meet and interview NBA & Olympic Champion and author Kobe Bryant upon the launch of his new book "The Wizenard Series: Training Camp." I invite you to read about their experience by venturing on to The De La Salle School website. Please see the link below.
On Tuesday, 26 March 7th and 8th grade students visited the Hofstra University Museum of Art to view the exhibit "Inspiration: Japanese Woodblock Prints". Students learned how this art form has influenced Western art mediums such as print making, film, video games and comic books.
Invitations for our Seventeenth Annual Spring Gala "Rainbow of Hope" are in the mail. Our Gala will take place on Friday, 17 May at The Sands Atlantic Beach where we will honor longtime volunteer and benefactor Susan Santoro Bevilacqua. I look forward to welcoming each of you as we honor Susan and celebrate another year of sharing the Lasallian heritage providing a quality education to young men from economically disadvantaged situations.
Peace and blessings to all during this Lenten season,
William L. Gault
Executive Director

Enjoy the the latest article from our 6th Grade Gentlemen Journalists in Newsday's Kidsday
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Welcome Spring! 
A Visit to Hofstra University

Week of 18 March

Word of the Week

munificence (noun) -
generosity in giving; the quality of showing unusual generosity; liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit

Gentleman of the Week - Daniel I., 7th Grade
Writer of the Week - Randy L., 8th Grade
Artist of the Week - Danny B., 6th Grade

Week of 25 March

Word of the Week

arboreal (adj.) - of, relating to, or resembling a tree; inhabiting or frequenting trees

Gentleman of the Week - Nicholas A., 6th Grade
Writer of the Week - Eric R., 7th Grade
Artist of the Week - Jason C., 5th Grade

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