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February 2020
The other night, on my way between my car and my back door, I caught a glimpse of the night sky. I suspect you know this feeling - gobsmacked by the glory of nature… your mouth open, staring up.

In this moment, I was transported right back to Appledore Island a couple of summers ago when I literally stumbled upon a small group of students laying on their backs, star gazing. I immediately asked if I could join them; it was August and the Perseid meteor shower was in full swing. As we all lay there the students told me they had never seen so many stars. I pointed out a few constellations. Two students were from mega cities where they reported that no one ever looks up. They shouted with joy every time a meteor shot past. We were fortunate - we got some great ones with long tails that made wide arcs, ensuring that everyone saw the same dash of light. It was a very special moment for me to share with them. The pure wonder and awe of a dark night sky filled with stars.

Carl Sagan said, “I think everyone in every culture has felt a sense of awe and wonder looking at the sky.” I believe Carl would agree that having a sense of wonder is where great science is born. We are so darn lucky at Shoals Marine Laboratory to have wonderfully dark skies and a vast ocean to induce these moments often. We should all celebrate what you and we are doing at SML, purposefully bringing eager and curious minds to a place where wonder and awe ignite science and scientific careers. Now, go outside and look up…
With deep appreciation and warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Alumni Spotlight: Meghan Poth
Meet Meghan Poth, an undergraduate at Dartmouth College. During the summer of 2019, Meghan joined the Shoals community for an undergraduate research project focusing on hermit crab shell selection. To read about Meghan and her experience at Shoals, click below.
Gills Scholarship - Deadline March 1
Are you interested in sharks or know someone who is interested in sharks? SML's Shark Biology and Conservation course offers great opportunities to learn about these majestic top predators in a hands-on environment. To make the class even better, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy offers a full ride scholarship through their Gills Club program. Interested applicants should follow the link below.
Course Spotlight: IERMS and CHFRM
Join us this summer for two of our skills based courses; Integrated Ecosystem and Research Management (IERMS) and Coastal Habitat Field Research Methods (CHFRM). Both classes offer excellent opportunities to work toward career and skills development.

During IERMS , students explore Integrated Ecosystem Assessments through project-based learning. The real-world experience from this class is a valuable tool that will assist careers in resource management and research.

Students explore the terrestrial habitats around Appledore Island in CHFRM . Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to learn GIS and aerial mapping of various plant communities through field research projects. Skills such as these are key in many fields of work, like environmental consulting and assessment.

Learn more or apply to these courses by following the links below.
Wish List Item
SML, like many organizations, has a wish list of items that would make significant contributions to life and research on the island. In the past, this wish list has included items such as a shark cradle for our Shark Biology and Conservation course. Through generous donations, SML has been able to fulfill our wish list items and improve our programs.

SML's new wish list item is a Padcaster. A Padcaster is an all inclusive mobile video production set that includes everything from microphones to a tripod. With this useful tool at SML, we could record life on the island and the amazing research that occurs here. This would help advance our communications and outreach efforts, allowing us to more effectively tell the SML stories! Please considering helping SML share experiences through videos, with the donation of a Padcaster. If you are interested in donating, please contact Isabel Aley, director of community relations, at Thank you!
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