A new day dawns and the Baja reopens!
And if you are ready,
Baja’s Awesome family of businesses awaits!

We miss you! And we are ready to welcome you back. Yet it’s still a unique time and we know there is important information we must share and measures we must take. Collectively, it’s essential when you visit or return, that we all work to keep the virus from arriving to this healthy and unaffected community.  With your help, we can.
Destination resorts like ours in the East Cape are excited to reopen so our tourism-reliant economy can also reopen. We look forward to seeing our friends and guests.  
How the Baja Worked in Our Favor
The state of Baja Sur did incredibly well to keep the virus to a nearly negligible amount over the past four months. Baja’s geography is likely the thing that works best in our favor. The East Cape is 1,000 miles south of the American border; located nearly at the bottom of a peninsula that acts more like an island; rimmed on three sides by water; separated to the north by a 300-mile desert; averaging just 100 miles wide. With Baja (north) above Baja Sur, our 434-mile long state begins mid-peninsula and ends at the cape in Cabo San Lucas. The are less than 1800 cases statewide, or .002% of the 800,000 person population; and no known cases in the East Cape. We feel confident the East Cape is one of the safest places to enjoy your summer. 
          Our recommendations for Baja’s Awesome
arriving guests
We know in these unprecedented times we must all act wisely and proceed with caution. We’re asking our arriving guests, friends, visitors, anglers to do that as well.

Travel & Arrival Day
Thank you for not letting your guard down during your travels and when you come off the plane. Please, keep your mask on. Go directly to your lodging property or home, order take-out food from our great group of restaurants (Baja’s Awesome will help you with menus and coordinate pick up) and eat in.
Your lodging property can provide you a shopping service. If not, we have one and will be happy to make that arrangement to assure your food and beverage needs are met and the kitchen is stocked. We use ‘Auto Fast Car’, they charge 15% of the grocery bill, and they are superb.
*Please, don't go out to grocery stores, restaurants, bars until after Day Three. Should you have contracted something during your travels, you will not feel well and should stay home. If you are all great, then with your masks on, responsibly join us and our community. 
Day One
Did you know most marlin we catch and release are six feet from tip of bill to tail? That’s a good measure! Keep a marlin between you and others while you practice social distancing! Enjoy your Day One vacation day relaxing, go snorkeling, walk the beach, swim, sunbathe and relax.
Day Two
Go fishing on the second day after arrival. Even though we want to, don't hug or shake hands onboard. Our crews will be wearing their buffs and/or their masks and for certain they are smiling behind them to have you onboard. Both our boats and our resort are compliant with the recommendations and protocols of our Baja Sur health officials. Combined with our normal, high standards for cleanliness and antibacterial cleaners, we are ready to take you fishing. We have printed envelopes for providing gratuities.

Day Three
Go fishing! Catch Fish! If you continue to feel great, our guards can loosen on board. Our Captains will continue to use their masks and buffs and they will continue to smile having you onboard. The fresh air, blowing wind, clean boats, sanitizing sprays all help to assure you have an awesome day of fishing.
It’s likely people know they are sick or not feeling well by day 3. Being hyper vigilant, if anyone doesn't feel well, they should say so and not go. Stay distanced and stay inside.  
We strongly recommend you don't go to grocery stores, restaurants, bars, shopping until after Day Three. Say no, don’t go. If you or anyone in your travel group contracted something during your travels, you will likely not feel well. Stay inside.
Together, we can make sure you have an AWESOME vacation!
Beyond Fishing - The Sea of Cortez and its Shores
Our new totally awesome 
‘Jacques Cousteau Day’!
The world’s aquarium awaits, and it’s awesome! 
Cruise with dolphins on the bow, jump in and swim with manta rays, snorkel remote bays 
and pristine reefs!

Sunset, Sand and Horses

Lifelong memories happen in the saddle when you are on the sand and riding along the shores of the
  Sea of Cortez. The sea turns to sky, the world slows to a beautiful hum, and the soul is restored.
Swing up, the saddle
and sand await.

Baja Cart Cruising -
You Be in Charge

Hit the dirt roads and explore. Go north, go south, cruise the coast road, head up the arroyo,
explore and enjoy.
Or just go get a coffee.

Be Awesome! The Awesome Baja Awaits!
If you’re ready, we’re ready. Join us for your summer vacation.
Fishing, swimming and snorkeling the world’s aquarium,
riding the shores, cart cruising.

And here are more awesome photos to get your vacation planning started.