lemurs leaving, pandas premiering      
Don't miss your chance to see Island of Lemurs: Madagascar on the Giant Dome Screen! We're exPANDing our film lineup, and our lemur friends will be headed to the vault (well, you know what we mean) after April 5 to make room for something that's causing some PANDemonium at the Fleet! We'll be celebrating the opening of our newest film, Pandas, on April 6 with a public opening party. Join us for the fun! It's a PANDemic, we tell you! OK, we'll stop ... because now we're just PANDering.
DON'T fake it--make it

As Tim Gunn is fond of saying, "Make it work!" That's the idea behind our Make-It Workshop, a creative and interactive space for innovators and other curious minds. Join us this month to try your hand at making wave machines and walkalong gliders. Drop in to check out our brand-new Studio X--it's a maker's dream!

busting the myths of wine

As any oenophile would tell you, fish and chicken are served with white wine and beef requires reds, right? Find out at our 2018 Gala, where we're turning these time-tested truths on their head with unusual wine pairings and exquisite tastings. All proceeds from the event will directly support the Fleet Science Center in its mission to connect everyone to the power of science. Get your ticket today!

big science for your junior scientist

Students in grades 1-4 are invited to join us at the Fleet on the third Saturday of the month for Junior Science Club. Investigate exciting science topics and participate in interactive activities that cover a variety of scientific fields. Be a "rock" star this month as we dive into geology!
boys (and girls) of summer

Mama always said that TV will rot your brain, so don't let your kids spend all summer binge-watching cartoons and surfing YouTube. Check out Summer Camps at the Fleet, where scientists-on-the-make can learn about anything from Simple Machines and Body Basics to MINDSTORM ® Robotics and Coding Concepts! Registration is open now and spots are limited, so sign up today.
  The mission of the Fleet Science Center is to realize a San Diego where everyone is connected to the power of science.