Watch for our June ad on the east (Kalkaska) side of the billboard near ACTS. Similar to the above header.
Books  4/$1
CDs     4/$1
DVDs   $1 each
VHS Tapes   4/$1 (Yes, we have VHS tapes!)
Food Pantry Update
During COVID, clients had to stay in their cars while food was brought to them. But, starting Tuesday, June 1, our Food Pantry allows one client at a time to shop in person in our pantry. Clients must wait outside or in their cars until they are called to come in.

Note that clients must still call 231-267-3002 at least one hour before our pantry opens to give their food order. 
Please help spread the word.
Charitable Donations
If you get your electricity from Great Lakes Energy, be sure to sign up for their People Fund. Your bill is rounded up to the next dollar amount and grants are awarded to non-profit, charitable organizations such as ACTS.
Reminder: People Who Fix Things
Handy? ACTS needs you occasionally, as a volunteer, to maintain and repair things at our location. Nothing too strenuous or complicated. Please call Carol at (231) 267-3002.
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