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December 2018
From the Ayurvedic Clinic, Ayurveda Institute UK and
the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK
Happy Holidays
to all our friends of Ayurveda!
We are truly grateful for the connection we have with you and give thanks for the precious wisdom of Ayurveda.
We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.
With much love from all of us at the Ayurvedic Clinic, the Ayurveda Institute UK and the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals.
Dr Anura Chandrasekara DSAMS

Dr Anura is a senior Ayurvedic physician who has been in continuous clinical practice for 25 years principally in Europe.

He has spent much of his practice as the Head and Chief physician at leading Ayurveda Health Centres in Germany and Sri Lanka. As well qualifying from Kalaniye University in Sri Lanka with a DSAMS, he is a seventh generation traditional Ayurvedic doctor in his hereditary lineage, his own father having been the Director of Bandaranaike Ayurveda Research Institute and Professor at Institute of Indigenous Medicine at Colombo University. 

Dr Anura has expertise in the treatment of chronic disorders which are prevalent in Western society such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, MS, ME, dementia, cholesterol and heart conditions. He is also an expert in fertility, specialising in men’s issues. He has vast experience in the use of Panchakarma therapy for the treatment of chronic disorders as a result of modern lifestyle. 
He is available by appointment for consultation at the Ayurvedic Clinic from 2 January 2018.
Gabriella is a scholar of the ancient language of Sanskrit and music . She has dedicated her life to these disciplines and their capacity to heal. Having studied Sanskrit from the age of 4 years old and read Sanskrit at Oxford, she is a modern day master.
Sanskrit sound healing therapy

Feelings, emotions, relics, hopes and identities within us cannot be released by speaking. Sound vibrations on the other hand can travel to the innermost parts of us, they can reach us at a cellular level and shift long held patterns which might be restricting us.

To harmonise the relationship between our mind, body and heart, sound is essential. The tools of sound vibrations and mantra purify our being, and can help treat disorder caused by imbalanced vata, pitta or kapha in the body and mind.
Sound therapy uses the mind to go beyond the mind. The human being is a thinking creature, of thought patterns. Sound vibrations work with the thought patterns to reassemble the structure and process of things that have lain dormant and could be blocking our progress. And most importantly, sound triggers our awareness, so we see the patterns more clearly within us to work on.

To attain spirituality is to realize that the whole universe is one symphony in which every individual is one note. His happiness lies in becoming perfectly harmonious with the symphony of the universe.  Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sound therapy sessions last 1 hour
Sessions will begin in the New Year
Booking - contact Ayurveda Institute UK
"I found the experience of chanting both mesmerising and liberating, and it's not everyday that we wake up parts of the mouth that have been dormant since we were little... and uncovering the invitation through sound and vibration to seek what is truly ‘there’ – way beyond ‘verbal’ meaning or what is perceived through the senses." TT, London

 The Ayurvedic Clinic in London, has been operating for more than two decades to heal, counsel and treat thousands of patients.

Dr Wathsala Wijesinghe, Dr Deepika Rodrigo and Dr Anura Chandrasekara are a group Ayurvedic physicians with almost a century of collective experience. They work in symbiosis with their team of expert Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapists and staff to deliver the highest quality care.
Harpreet talks about Dermaved cream helped her son's eczema, chick pox and cold sores! "Its amazing, it really is"

Ayurveda Skin Care
A unique preparation of 25 naturally active herbs with Acacia, Venivel and Coral Tree seed plant extracts blended with
Shea Butter.
Instantly relieves itchiness, discomfort and inflammation associated with eczema psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea. Alleviates the stress of dry, sensitive and troubled skin, helping it to heal and repair.
Made from sustainably wildcrafted herbs according to an ancient Ayurvedic formula.

Hear Dr Deepika Rodrigo speaking about how Dermaved helped to cure infant eczema for little Rory:

Sri Lanka
See how your kindness has benefitted so many ...
We sent out an appeal to our patients and students to help underprivileged children and families in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to you, in December, we are able to provide 60 wheelchairs, school equipment for another 100 children (in addition to 200 previously) and another 10 scholarships in addition to the 32 scholarships already awarded.

Your donations are so helpful and the scholarships are making such a profound difference to the lives of the children and their families. The opportunity to continue their education changes the trajectory of their lives and their communities. When we contribute in this way, it is a great lift to our spirit to know that we are capable of bringing so much benefit to others. We know that these children and their families have sent prayers of gratitude to us and our karmic pathways, which is the purpose for our existence. 

If you have had a thought to participate, please know that it is a great thing you are doing ... contact us at the Ayurveda Institute or the clinic to find out how.
Diploma in
We will soon be announcing 2019 dates for those who wish to book early

This is perfect for those who wish to offer their clients authentic, therapeutic massage specifically focused on the treatment of disorders in the body and mind and help in alleviating imbalances

Hear what Elena and Mirco said after the course:
Diploma in

Our Level 1 Diploma is well underway with 95 students enrolled from all over the world!

This year we have online students in Norway, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Ireland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Guernsey and across Europe ...

Hear what our students have to say:                    


This intensive 18-month deep dive into Ayurveda develops the learning that our own students had from Level 1 - and this time we welcomed many students who graduated Level 1 from Ayurvedic schools in Europe and the UK.

This is an intimate learning experience in which students can flourish as practitioners with a lot of direct support from their teachers.