June 1st, 2020
By Jeff Adair, Editor

A new touchless technology which does not require the use of an app, stylus or other device for product selection and payment is being introduced to the North American vending market by the  Azkoyen Group of Spain. Azkoyen’s Distance Selection Technology (DST) is available in Azkoyen’s tabletop Vitro S5 and X5 machines as well as the Zensia, Zen and Zintro full vending systems. The company is exploring options of incorporating DST into machines other than hot beverage machines. 
Already available in Europe under the coffetek and Azkoyen labels, the patented DST technology is different from other touchless technology in that it senses the purchaser’s proximity to the machine to complete a transaction. According to the company, all the consumer needs to do is hover his or her finger under an inch away from the selection pad for the machine to automatically recognize the purchase. Touchless payment options are also available.  The only machine contact by the consumer is at the product delivery door. Azkoyen said the technology eliminates delays and bottlenecks which might be encountered in other touchless transactions.

Azkoyen’s machines are compatible with a wide range of cashless systems including contactless cards.

The company says the new health and safety measures can be used by OCS and vending operators as a means of preventing and reducing the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19. 

Vending machines are in use around the world, and they’ve been a part of everyday life for over 100 years now, but most vending machines are still not solar–powered, that is, at least until now.

Companies like Canada’s Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) are using solar–powered vending machines to sell product and build brand awareness of their company while lowering their carbon footprint. The vending machine is one part of TD’s corporate strategy of educating consumers how TD does business and the benefits of a green economy. Technology for the solar vending machine is from  Innovative Vending Solutions .

Their most recent TD Forests vending machine, located in Toronto, close to the Trinity-Bellwoods Park, dispenses branded TD items that only cost $1 each. These items included beach balls, kites, frisbees, sunglasses, and lunchboxes.

Located Near The Trinity-Bellwoods Park

Anyone who has visited Trinity-Bellwoods Park knows that this is a high traffic location, and the vending machine has received a lot of attention since this vending machine offered TD an opportunity to increase the awareness of their brand while serving the community at the same time. 

Connected vending machines are something that most vending operators want in 2020 because a connected machine enables the vending owner to ensure the uptime of their vending machine, orders, traffic flow to the engine, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for vending owners to connect their machines to the internet due to the fact the location that a vending machine is placed may not have a reliable network, or connectivity.

Easy To Install 

Thankfully, with  OptConnect Solo , vending operators can easily ensure that their machines are connected to the internet without having to do any complicated technical work themselves. With OptConnect Solo, the 4G LTE modem can be easily installed on any surface, so there’s no need for the owner of the machine to hire outside technical support to install the modem.

Small And Light Weight 

OptConnect Solo is lightweight, compact, reliable, and ideal, especially for vending operators who may currently have existing wireless modems connected to their machines that are presently being phased out. 

Vending continues to be one of the best business operations in 2020, and vending operators have concerns to deal with, especially when it comes to problems with crime, downtime, and other factors that can affect their ROI.

TNS payment solutions  provides a wide variety of solutions available that help to ensure the efficiency of vending machines that vending owners can use to grow their businesses. 

TNSLink – A Simple Solutions That Will Improve Uptime And Efficiency

Uptime is everything in the vending world because of the simple fact that when a vending machine goes down, the owner loses money. Thankfully, with TNSLink, vending owners have a simple, secure, and reliable solution to ensure the uptime of their machines. TNSLink will also enable vending owners to run in–store applications and implement other solutions that they can use to decrease costs while increasing revenue. 

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