Well, it took a tiny bit longer than we were hoping, but work inside our new store at 1620 Orrington Avenue is nearing completion, and this transition has turned out to be not just a relocation, but a transformation for the store. I think you’ll be surprised not only by how unlike the alley store it is, but also by how completely magical it is in its own way. 

And here’s a Big Reveal: Our header image just above shows the new custom mural that serves as one of the focal points of the new store. This is a remarkable piece of original art by two Evanston natives, Sam Booker and George Booker, both proud graduates of King Arts and Evanston Township High School, now both professional artists. I love its bold color and extraordinary exuberance, as if books are exploding out of our new lower level. You have to go up close to see all the little tricks, puzzles, codes, and constellations embedded in its nooks and crannies. It so beautifully exemplifies the grand yet playful spirit of our new space!

And now *ta-dah* I am so happy to announce that Bookends & Beginnings will be reopening during the coming week! Here’s the schedule:
SOFT OPENING Wednesday, February 15, 5 – 8 pm
      This pre-opening event is meant to give an advance peek inside the new B&B to the 1.3K GoFundMe donors whose contributions are enabling the work we are continuing to do in the new store to make it just as compelling and beloved a destination as the old store. And it’s still not too late to contribute, if you want to get inside this exclusive event, or if you just meant to do it before and didn’t get around to it! Please know that while we are thrilled at having raised the $107K we have already raised, we are still far short of the $250K we need. Small and larger donations are all welcome! And I guarantee you, this is a store you are going to be proud to tell people you helped to build!
      Note: If you donated through GoFundMe, you will receive a special invitation to this event through the GFM site. You can also pick up your “I DONATED TO THE BOOKENDS & BEGINNINGS EMERGENCY RELOCATION” badge of pride (a pin or a sticker, with the design you see here) at this event, or on any future visit to the store (just ask us at the front counter, we’ll have you on a list, and we’d love to thank you in person!)

REGULAR SHOPPING HOURS RESUME Thursday, February 16, 11 am – 6 pm every day

GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION Saturday, February 18, 11 am - 6 pm
      Come on in and get to know the new B&B! We have all kinds of surprises and delights in our new space and we can’t wait to show them off to you!

      Also, our programming continues with many great Bookends University and in-store events, including some fantastic author events we are hosting as soon as the dust settles. We will send out a regular event newsletter as soon as we are open for business once again.

      Hoping to see you soon in the new store!

Apparently there are rumors that our old neighbors, the Alley Gallery, are also moving out of the alley. We wanted to correct that piece of misinformation. They are staying put right where they are and they’re open for business, and even if we aren't going to be their courtyard-mates any more, they will still be some of our favorite downtown Evanston near-neighbors!
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