Week of October 14, 2018
As oil and gas development moves forward in Broomfield, you can expect frequent updates, information and public engagement opportunities through this email and the redesigned website, Broomfield.org/oilandgas.  
Air Quality Testing Program Open House
Citizens are invited to an Air Quality Monitoring Study Open House on Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 5-6:30 p.m. at the City and County Building in Broomfield, 1 DesCombes Drive, to learn more about the air quality study and testing starting near the Extraction well sites and nearby neighborhoods this Fall.

Air quality is a main focus of the Oil and Gas Chapter of Broomfield's Comprehensive Plan as well as the Extraction Operators Agreement. These documents address specific action steps and Best Management Practices (BMPs) related to oil and gas development, operations, and concerns expressed by the public related to air quality impacts.

Contracting for air quality monitoring will support several of the stated policies and associated action steps, as well as inform long-term strategies that may be adopted by Broomfield to address concerns expressed by the public. Attendees can learn more about how the air quality monitoring and testing will be conducted, what tools and sensors will be used and how results will be accessed and reported to the public. Representatives from the partnership between Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science and Ajax Analytics will also be available to discuss the monitoring network and data analysis platform for Broomfield.

Additionally, learn about the various ways Broomfield will use this air quality data, including the following:
  • Information supporting emergency response actions
  • Follow-up information to respond to citizen complaints and concerns
  • Information supporting follow-up inspections
  • Data and trend analysis to support health decision and possible regulatory and statutory changes
Extraction Baseline Air and Noise Monitoring
Broomfield required new baseline air and noise monitoring from Extraction. Extraction's third party air and noise monitoring consultants will begin that process prior construction of well pads. Those new proposals have been reviewed by staff and a consultant, and follow-up information to be included in the proposals has been provided per Broomfield's request. The baseline air monitoring information can be viewed here, and noise monitoring information can be viewed here.

Local Government Designee:

Tami Yellico
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